Serbia NT 2014

  • I agree...that losing mentality wont take Serbia anywhere. They do have a team to beat Brazil, USA or Russia....but they need to believe in that! Sometimes I think Terzic give up games before they even started....though I think he is a good training coach...he makes the worse substitutions possible during the game, as he cant analyze and identify what is going wrong with the team in the middle of the game.

    Maybe is time for Serbia to look for a new coach with a different mentality....but that is hard to do as well....

  • Well, Terzic is too stubborn as always. IMHO they need a change, though this team is not bad overall :wavy: but their mentality IS a problem.

    Thoughts about roster:
    - S: Ognjenovic - Anrtonijevic would be great, but Ana is such a fragile and uinlucky player ;( in this case Zivkovic is ok, because neither Radenkovic nor Raonic seems to be competitive, though maybe I'm wrong :D
    - OPs: Brakocevic probably wasn't in her best shape, though she claims that she was ready, but Boskovic is great prospect, after Jovana's leaving there's a place for Bjelica (Malagurski can be OH once again)
    - OHs: Mihajlovic disappointed me in key moments, Molnar did her job on her decent level - she's passer, not killing hitter :wavy:, Nikolic is experienced, but her time is gone, Malesevic frozen on bench as always :lol: I don't know if Terzic wants to rely on either Blagojevic or any other OH... but there should be changes on this position
    - Malagurski's case: why did Terzic resign from her ?( she was healthy and she COULD play, no matter on which wing...
    - MBs: Rasic on her level, Krsmanovic could be better so she blocked place for Veljkovic :whistle: Ninkovic frozen as Malesevic :wavy: maybe Stevanovic should be here in future :roll:
    - L: Cebic is not bad player, but she another one who could've been better, but Popovic can't replace her :aww:

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  • Serbia has good players, the main problem is that the most experienced players as Molnar, Nikolic even Krsmanovic or Ognjenovic are not constant.

    For some matches or sets , Serbia played with 4 players that are under 25 (Boskovic, Veljkovic, Rasic, Mihajlovic). And they were the main attacks.
    The top scorers of the team were: Boskovic (17 years old) and Mihajlovic (23 years old).

    This team has material, but dont know if Terzic can manage this team properly.
    In futures competitions, I'd like to see this players:

    S: Ognejnovic, Antonijevic (In 2 years, it would be interesting to see how develope: Radenkovic or Mirkovic)
    MB: Rasic, Veljkovic, Krsmanovic, Stevanovic (another option: Savic)
    OPP: Boskovic, Bjelica. (Brakocevic)
    OH: Mihajlovic, Blagojevic, Malesevic, Molnar (as deffense/reception), Malagurski, Busa, Lukic?
    L: Cebic (Serbia needs a new libero urgently)