2015 CEV DenizBank Champions League

  • Cannes 11-25 22-25 12-25 Vakifbank

    What an amazing show by Vakifbank :cheesy: :cheesy: :obey: :obey:

  • Even after such a great match there are still :?:&:!: s about Sheilla's performance on my mind. Hope she'll play better on Sunday cause it will be tougher against Eczacı.

  • Can't believe RC Cannes performed poorly like that in front of the home crowd.
    I thought after the last victory they had over Vakifbank, they would have gain confidence.

    The receptions of RC were bad and the setter Apitz could not really create varieties to the spiking.

    On the other hand, Vakif did good job on blocking. Congrats to them.

  • Fang's strategy clearly failed yesterday. He aimed for perfect reception with 3 good receivers on court so that Apitz could make the difference with her sets. However Cannes reception never reached there and failed much worse in the end. Ebata should play more because a real opposite is for sure needed at their side.
    In Vakif's side, Naz was the secret hero of the game. Her performance indicates that she is back to her top-shape. She set most of the balls to the middles although the reception was not that good. Middles are two of top 3 scorers of the game. Not much needed from the wings at all showing Vasileva got only 15 balls in 3 sets. Sheilla honestly is a transfer failure. She only serves good, rest is not enough. I dont remember a game that she attacked over 40%. With Brakocevic, Vakif could be unstoppable this season.
    Btw they should seriously consider playing with Robin-Rasic duo in the Turkish league and replace Sheilla with Gözde.

  • Yes ! First won set by Impel. :woohoo: Gryka, Kakolewska and Mroczkowska playing a good game. Ptak should play from the beggining, but the girls have problems on the right wing. On Omichka's side Isaeva is unstoppable unfortunately.

  • Chemik Police - Dinamo Kazan 3:1 !!! :super:

  • OM...Meijners played a horrible match in reception today...a total disaster.

  • OM...Meijners played a horrible match in reception today...a total disaster.

    she has been like this the entire season so far. I think the harm she makes to the team is much larger than her contribution. Too bad for her...
    Anyway we are in the wrong topic, this belongs to CEV cup :gone:

  • 5400 Chemik's fans were great. We didn't stop support our team anytime even after first terrible set.
    Sometimes referee's decisions were strange but they didn't change final result.
    Good game, fighting spirit, loud supporters, free gift for all fans (Chemik scarf) - good job organizer.
    Finally live music and laser show just after match !

  • I hope You didn't cheat Your Wife in amok after match during party with music and lasers.

  • Vakif had a really good game against CANNES everything was working well for them. But the most impressive was their bloc. The girls really take a lot of place above the net with their arms, really impressive. They were almost 2 or 3 blocks.
    I did not agrée with Fang strategy but I guess there was not so much to do against this Vakif.

  • I hope Chemik will try to be Host but I think one of Istanbul's Teams will be.