2014 FIFA World Cup

  • Okay. So I've just opened my first Panini trading cards packet today :P got into the spirit a bit and figured it's high time to start the World Cup thread.

    Since Polish football is so hopeless that it's basically non-existent on both club and international level, I'm definitely gonna be rooting for ze Germans this year. It used to be Argentina, but lately I've become attached to many, many players of Die Mannschaft and would really love to see them do well.

    What about you guys?

  • It's tough because I have too many fav players in almost every team... First - Brazil and Spain. Together. This is how my dream final looks like and hell know who I would cheer for then. Italy, because some sentiment from childhood remained (my older brother infected me with love to Azzurri). And there are Germans and Croats and English ... what to do... No, no, let's not get crazy. Spain and Brazil. Brazil and Spain. Stick to it. Should be enough :D But I have to mention that Belgium will be extremely interesting team to watch, have a hunch :whistle: And I don't know what I'm going to do with myself since, you know, Eden Hazard is my absolutely fav footballer :rolleyes:

    This is a serious tragic conflict :S But well, at least I try to simply enjoy football.

  • Im also making the Panini album!!! hehehehehe

    Though the World Cup is here...I dont think Ill go to any matches... I did go to the Confederation Cup...but I dont think Ill go to the World Cup. Im sure inside the stadium will be great, but the city is so chaotic at this point Im quite annoyed..hehehehehe Plus its quite expensive..Ill save the money for the Olympic Games..that I cant miss!!!hehehehe

    But I think Argentina and Germany are the favorites...of course Ill cheer Brazil....and playing home...well the National Anthem has been an amazing boost for the team before the games...but Brazil will ahve a very hard road...I think Argentina is easy in final....the other team will be hard to predict.

  • My brother and I are also collecting the Panini stickers. Cool, we are not the only "children" :D

    These stickers seem to be huge literally everywhere but Poland :D I mean, they're available, but almost everyone I know, if they DO collect Panini, it's cards. I sell them at work and we didn't even order stickers this time, still have plenty of Champions League leftovers. Anyways, it's great fun. I really missed collecting stuff :thumbsup:

  • Guys, where are you, everybody? Why is so calm here? WC is about to begin :P Feel it! Share it! Talk! Laugh! Cry! :woohoo: How's your moods before? Expectations? Hopes? C'mon :D

  • For me it's hard to choose a favourite, some pools will be really interesting from first games :box:
    Anyway in last 1-2 years I got less interested in football and focused more on volley :D

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  • There is always a reason to watch, even if Lewandowski or Ibrahimovic don't play :whistling: Won't you support Torres, Emil? :D

    Some sad news about this WC is that a lot, I mean A LOT, of important players didn't go because of injuries... The most heartbreaking for me is losing Reus :( Montolivo. Walcott. Falcao. Valdes. Ribery and I'm saying this though i don't even like the guy but still big loss. Van der Vaart. Kranjcar. Benteke. So many names... I can't also understand some coaches' choices. Why Miranda, Felipe Luis won't join Brazil. And Isco didn't go with Spain. Why not to try Totti back with Azzuri if he had such a fantastic season. Where's Llorente. Not saying about not taking Nasri :pinch:

  • Strange penalty for Brazil ?( , Kaziyski will fume :box:
    Overall the match wasn't too bad for an opening match. Croatia didn't surprise me. They have good players and if they stay calm and concentrated, they should qualify for next round.