2014 FIFA World Cup

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    What a good final, it was :obey: . Both teams could have decided this match earlier and Argentina would have been a worthy champion as well.

    But i am very happy for this team. For Schweinsteiger, Lahm and Podolski it might have been already their last chance to win a world cup. To me, It seems like yesterday when they entered the stage ^^ With this title, they will go down in german soccer history as one of the greatest players.......

    Great win for Jogi Löw as well. He was criticised a lot for not having won a title yet and playing "too beautiful" and with a loser mentality in the important matches. This time, he did everything right.
    I grew up with german NTs mostly playing dull and uninspired football. Since 2006 the team plays some watchable and exciting football and this is to a large part thanks to Jogi Löw/Klinsmann and their philosophy of playing football.

  • What a surprise by our guys 8o :dance4:

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  • This was literally insane 8o And if u ask me I don't give a fu*k if Germans had just a bad day, if they had one, two or ten injured players, if they just didn't have luck as much as Poles did. WE WON. Szczęsny played out of any system :obey: And even though we had one hard time against Scotland yesterday I just can't stop being happy. It was all worth it - to believe whole the freakin', time like romantic believer in immeasurable love, just to experience this one winning moment.

  • meanwhile, SER x ALB… ugh…. che imbroglio.

    And this won't end just like that... I can't even imagine how these two team play against each other in nearest future. Not to mention the scenes from the pitch caused some situation in Kosowo too... Well. Balkans. Always fighting for sth.

  • 2015 FIFA Men's U20 World Cup:

    1 Serbia
    2 Brazil
    3 Mali
    4 Senegal
    5 Germany
    6 Portugal
    7 United States
    8 Uzbekistan
    9 Ukraine
    10 Ghana
    11 Nigeria
    12 Uruguay
    13 Austria
    14 New Zealand
    15 Colombia
    16 Hungary
    17 Mexico
    18 Honduras
    19 Fiji
    20 Argentina
    21 Panama
    22 Qatar
    23 Myanmar
    24 North Korea