Brazilian League 2014/2015

  • SPORTV will transmite the game on TV
    You can find some PIRATES TV broadcast the game online, if you look for " Assistir sportv online ". you can find those livre streams.. but i don't know too much about the security and it's not a such great image.. but works some times.. and it's good..…&t=Brazil%20TV%20Channels

    I wanna watch Praia-Minas.. will there be a broadcast on Sportv?

  • Minas won the game against Praia Clube, so they took the last spot to the semi finals... Minas will play against Rio

    Today, Minas beat Praia Clube 3x0 .. Jaquelina was the MVP of the match and was the top scorer also...

    The semi finals

    Rio x MInas

    Rio: Fofão, Natália, Carol, Jucyelle, Gabi, Regis, Fabi
    Rio has Bernardinho in this means a big advantage.. besides have a team more expensive than Minas...

    Minas: Naiane, Carla, Waleuska, Carol Gattaz, Jaqueline, Mari PB, Tika
    Jaqueline was the best player of this superleague.. she have been amazing... She it's better like never was.. one of the best OH in the world for sure.. it's a complete player.. and improve a lot your attack.. made more than 60 points in the quarter finals.. The young Setter Naiane swhou up this year and was a great talent in this position.. Mari PB it's a OH in have been good in super league.

    Sesi x OSasco

    SESI it's a complete team.. all players in the bench coud be on court in do your job very well..i think that is one advantage.. team: Carol, Barbara, Fabiana, Bia, Suellen, Pri Daroit, Suellen .. Barbara was a middle blocker and now she has playing like a OPP... and she is doing very well in this new position.. maybe she will be invitation for NT...


    Osasco doesn't have yet a titular team.. so many subs in every game... Samara, Gabi , Ivna and Mari was not able to be on court in the entire season.. Dani Lins have been just ok in this Season.. Thaisa was the better player.. but the team doesnt help her... Carcases have been good.. but it's under expectations... Brait improve a lot.. Adenizia it's not Ok... Osasco have a good team.. but with weakness... 2 spots are the problem.. one OH e the OPP.. if some girl who plays in this games made a good game.. Osasco will be able to go to the final.

  • I forgot to put the days of Semifinals, but first matches are today.

    Right now SESI x Osasco are playing...Osasco won first set.

    Rexona-Ades and Camponesa/Minas playing later tonight (21:30h local time...2:30h CET) in Minas.

  • Semifinal: Game 1 -

    SESI-SP 2x3 Molico/Nestlé Osasco (11-25, 24-26, 25-22, 25-20, 10-15)…5/estatisticas/p2169F.pdf

    SESI could have won the match 3x1, in second set they were leading 24x21...but with a questionable two touches from Claudinha and THREE mistakes in attack by Fabiana in a row (I think we will never see that again) Osasco took the lead in the game by 2x0...later SESI controled the game, and most tie-break...they had the chance to make 9x6 in the 5th set with a check Fabiana didnt I gues everything is still open. But it wont be easy for SESI to take the win in Osasco home now.

    Next Game: 10/04 at 22h local time

  • I think that the judge was good about two touches from Claudinha

    So far, that was one of the best games from Ivna... Opp/ Molico Osasco.

    Now, Rio beat Minas 3 x 1.. Nathalia was the MVP of the match... Was a poor game... the judge made a lot of mistakes... and most points from this mistakes was pro Rio... this way Minas was very stolen... I never see so many mistakes... European Games in turkey and Rússia was nothing near from this game... It's a Shame for Volleyball.

  • Was a poor game... the judge made a lot of mistakes... and most points from this mistakes was pro Rio... this way Minas was very stolen... I never see so many mistakes... It's a Shame for Volleyball.

    so sorry to hear this.
    from the stats for the game MINAS VS RIO (1-3), i found Rexona-ades are dominant over the net, all the scoring skills are over Minas....
    it seems the serve from Minas didnt annoy Natalia and Gabi at all, the reception were both good and kept very high attack efficiency.…5/estatisticas/p2170F.pdf

    btw, where can i watch the replay ?
    i wonder to watch jaqueline's game will be will be very difficult for minas TC entering the final now.

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...

  • Semifinal - Game 1 -

    Camponesa/Minas 1x3 Rexona-Ades (23-25, 25-22, 22-25, 15-25)…5/estatisticas/p2170F.pdf

    Agree, many errors from referee...unfortunately that has been a constant in Brazilian league, the level of the referees is really poor. Not all mistakes were in favor of Rexona...there were erros for both sides, but yes, most were against Minas. I dont think that defined the game though. Natália did really well yesterday, she is finally playing as OH again! And even though I dont mind seeing Regis as Opp, I think she plays better there than as oh, I still hope to see Bruna back in the main team...not that she makes huge difference, but things seem to work better with her on court, plus with her we have Regis as an option, Regis is used to enter and make a difference, being in bench affects nothing her confidence, in Bruna's confidence in other hand, to be in bench can be a problem....anyway..I think no matter what the best option is Gabi and Naty as Oh....also Gabi plays better with Naty by her side. She is still far from her best, but it was a better performance than in the last three games.

    Im a bit worried about Fofão I must say.....either she is with a lof of pains, already from the end of season...or she is just playing bad...I dont know....but its not good for Rexona...anyway, she is still Fofão.

    And really, I hink Minas setter is probably the best discover for Brazilian volleyball this season. She is such a great promise! If I was Zé, Id take her already to main NT this least to train, maybe play some small tournaments. I know she is still really young, have other categories to play....but she is bold, and have great tecnique, she reminds me a bit of Naz style of game....I dont see any other setter playing her game other than Dani Lins of course, for NT...I think with a bit more experience she can be Dani's second easily.

  • Semifinals: Game 1

    SESI-SP x Molico/Nestlé Osasco

    Camponesa/Minas x Rexona-Ades

  • Semifinal - Game 2

    Rexona-Ades 3c0 Camponesa/Minas (25-17, 25-28, 25-21)…5/estatisticas/p2171F.pdf

    Rexona-Ades advance to another final and will try to win their 10º title.

    Minas had a lot of trouble in reception...I mean, a lot, so they could perform liek they wished in any aspect of the game. Anyway, Minas did very well after Jaque arrived and should be proud of a great campaing.

    For Rexona, Naty had an amazing performance once again, she is quite confident in her game right now. Gabi still alternating with some good and bad moments. Regis did a good game as well, in attack at elast..she can improve in other parts for the final. My may consern keeps being Fofão health....she seems to be strugling a lot with some problem in her legs..

    But the final will be only 26/04 :down: so two weeks of nothing until they can play the final in one match. And probably wont be in Maracanazinho, but in HSBC arena (usuallu an arena used for Basketball) cause there is already another event in Maracanazinho for this time....

  • Semifinal, Game 2 - Rexona-Ades x Camponesa/Minas

  • The second game between SESI-SP and Molico/Nestlé Osasco starts now.

  • Osasco beat Sesi one more time and will play against Rexona in the final. :cup:

    Final only one game, the date will be April 26,

    the second game between Osasco and Sesi was the best game from Osasco in this Season and Superliga... Fabiana just sleep all the game and made some big mistakes... The players from Sessi did't play well.. But Molico push the game all the time... Server very well good Block and Good Receive.. Osasco was amazing today..

    Ivna have been in that semi final games an amazing Opp :obey: ( i just cannot believe in that) . For Sure was poor all the season.. but right now.. in this two games before... She really was better so far than Sheilla and your best game for Osasco... Gabi as OH did your job very well.

    Osaco made 17 Block points in Only 3 sets... in the game before against SESI made 27 points in 5 sets... :white: :white: :white:

  • Semifinal - Game 2

    Molico/NEstlé Osasco 3x0 SESI-SP (25-21, 25-17, 25-14)…5/estatisticas/p2172F.pdf

    SESI players did nothing yesterday...probably their worst game this season......I fell bad when things end like that for a work all year well and in the most important match things simply crashes.

    They made so many unforced erros, specially in service in first set, the team couldnt put preasure at all in Osasco. 24 errors in 3 sets...well its just impossible to win a game against a team like Osasco like that. Plus Osasco block was on point yesterday.

    So here we go again... Rexona-Ades x Molico/Nestlé Osasco once more.... ;)

  • Final - 26/04

    10am (15h CET) - Rexona-Ades x Molico/Nestlé Osasco

    The match will be in Rio, but its not determined yet in what Gym.

  • Final - 26/04
    10am (15h CET) - Rexona-Ades x Molico/Nestlé Osasco
    The match will be in Rio, but its not determined yet in what Gym.

    why does the superliga make the final so late?
    any useful links to watch the live...

    Molico-Sesi and male and female finals also will be broadcast by RedeTv!, you can watch the matches live here

    thank you for sharing this...
    hope to watch the live broadcast via this link which will be still valid by then...

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...

  • why does the superliga make the final so late?
    any useful links to watch the live...

    Well, that is a good question...I ask myself every season...and I can only answer with history by my apparently CBV is incapable to make an organizaed schedule... :rolleyes: :P ;)

    But seriously, its so stupid its so hard for them to plan in advance, I dont know...

    For your other question...Globo, Sportv and Rede Tv will broadcast the final match, so you can use the link Hana posted it. Or any fro Sportv you find online.

  • Let's get the party started! Go Rio! :super: