Brazilian League 2014/2015

  • Finally Webster played as starter. She has nice numbers like all her mates, but her spiking % could be better.

    She entered quite well in last matches, honestly I think Praia should use her indeed as starter while Ramirez doesnt come back.

    The team seems much stratonger with Her, Tandara and Sassá/Ju Costa, than with Tandara, Sassá and Ju Costa. Tandara was already plaing as a OH with ramirez, she could have remained like that with Webster.

  • Just for a note, this week Bernardinho gave an interview to Veja Magazine, he revealed that after the World Championship in Poland, during a routine exam he discovered he had a tumor in his kidney, with malignant cells, he immediatly made the surgery to remove it and so far everything is going well. the surgery completed 3 months now.

    You can find the complete interview here, where he also talk about all the corruption situation in CBV.

    Its very interesting interview -…ma-doenca-a-ser-extirpada

  • I'm so disappointed. I've sacrificed my night sleep to this performance from SESI :thumbdown: Even though they've won the 2nd set it was because of Rexona's mistakes in crucial moments. But I have a feeling this would be their worst game of the season and they'll get better from this.
    Congrats to Rexona girls, they are really showing class and proving who the league favorite here. Fofao is still one among the best setters in the world!

  • Just one thing to say about yesterday's match...FOFÃO :obey::obey::obey:

    The game had some good ralies, but Rexona made Sooooooo many mistakes, sometimes looked they were making more points to Sesi than Sesi itself! well, it did sometimes, 13 errors in second set..but in fourth set was the other way around.

    but despite the errors, Rexona was more effective. Sesi had a lot of problems in reception, but they depend more in Mb than Rexona, that uses more the balls with Oh and Opp. Rexona is quite balanced at this point....there is so long since I last saw the team playing this well at this point of competition....I guess that is another sign how much the level of the league has droped...

    So at this point Im not really sure if the team can grow more and play better than that, or if they just reached a better form before previous years.

    With the result Rexona garantee the first phase in first without loosing any matches. Sesi still has one game to play from the 3º Round against Rio do Sul.

  • 13º Round

    Brasília Vôlei 3x0 Uniara/Afav (25/17, 25/20, 25/22) -…15/estatisticas/p273F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Edna (Brasília Vôlei), 15 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Pri Heldes (Brasília Vôlei)

    São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano 1x3 Camponesa/Minas (21/25, 15/25, 25/19, 19/25) -…15/estatisticas/p274F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Sabrina (São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano), 17 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Jaqueline (Camponesa/Minas)

    Pinheiros 3x0 Rio do Sul/Equibrasil (28/26, 25/18, 25/22) -…15/estatisticas/p275F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Mine (Rio do Sul/EquiBrasil), 19 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Ellen (Pinheiros)

    Dentil/Praia Clube 3x0 Maranhão/Cemar (25/16, 25/23, 25/17) -…15/estatisticas/p276F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Tandara (Dentil/Praia Clube), 16 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Natália Martins (Dentil/Praia Clube)

    Molico/Nestlé 3x0 São José dos Campos (25/16, 25/18, 25/12) -…15/estatisticas/p277F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Ivna (Molico/Nestlé), 15 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Samara (Molico/Nestlé)

    Sesi-SP 1x3 Rexona-Ades (20/25, 25/21, 20/25, 18/25) -…15/estatisticas/p278F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Gabi (Rexona-Ades), 20 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Fofão (Rexona-Ades)

  • Standing:

    1. REXONA-ADES (RJ) 35 (12-0)
    2. SESI-SP (SP) 29 (10-1)
    3. MOLICO/NESTLÉ (SP) 29 (10-2)
    4. E.C. PINHEIROS (SP) 25 (8-4)
    5. DENTIL/PRAIA CLUBE (MG) 21 (7-4)
    6. BRASÍLIA VOLEI (DF) 20 (7-5)
    7. CAMPONESA/MINAS (MG) 19 (6-6)
    9. RIO DO SUL/EQUIBRASIL (SC) 9 (3-8 )
    10. SÃO BERNARDO VOLEI (SP) 9 (3-9)
    11. UNIARA/AFAV (SP) 8 (2-10)
    12. MARANHÃO/CEMAR (MA) 5 (1-10)
    13. SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS (SP) 4 (1-11)

  • Have been watching Rio matches and my faith in Natalia is slowly being restored. She works well with Gabi as a duo.

    Who is this Bruna though? so powerful and so effective - havent seen her before - she looks like national team material!

    Fofao :obey: I'd like to see her have an encore in Rio for sure!!

  • Yes, Naty is playing her best since her problem in the leg.

    Bruna is in her third season in Rio, but she was bench to Sarah last two seasons. In theory she would be bench also this season for Andréia, but Andreia is injuried and Bruna is taking her chance, and doing very well.

    She is very promicing, but she needs to build her confidence...maybe after this season she will finally have her break. :)

  • Copa Banco do Brasil
    (Brazilian Cup)

    There will be a brazilian cup after all. The Quarter Final matches will be played this Friday (09.01) according to the final standing in the first phase of Superliga, with the matches being played in the home of the best standing teams. Semifinals and Final will be played 16 and 17.01 in the city of Cuiabá (Mato Grosso)

    Quarter Finals: 09/01/2015

    20h (23h CET) Rexona-Ades (1) x São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano (8 )

    19:30h (22:30h CET) Sesi-SP (2) x Camponesa/Minas (7)

    21:30h (24:30h CET) Molico/Nestlé (3) x Brasília Vôlei (6) - SPORTV

    19:30h (22:30h CET) Pinheiros (4) x Dentil/Praia Clube (5)

  • Brazil Cup:

    Quarter Finals -

    Rexona-Ades 3x0 São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano (25/12, 25/22, 25/18 )

    Sesi-SP 3x0 Camponesa/Minas (25/21, 25/21, 31/29)

    Molico/Nestlé 3x2 Brasília Vôlei (27/25, 15/25, 25/23, 21/25, 15/10)

    Pinheiros 3x0 Dentil/Praia Clube (25/11, 25/20, 25/22)

    Semifinals - 16/01

    17:30h (20:30 CET) Rexona-Ades x Pinheiros - SPORTV

    22:00h (01:00 CET) SESI-SP x Molico/Nestlé - SPORTV

  • I wasn't watching yesterday's game from the start, Joana, do you know why Thaisa isan't playing for Osasco? And also, although Ivna scored a lot last night overall I have an impression that she's really just an average player, was she suppose to be the leading OPP in Osasco or is someone better injured?

  • I wasn't watching yesterday's game from the start, Joana, do you know why Thaisa isan't playing for Osasco? And also, although Ivna scored a lot last night overall I have an impression that she's really just an average player, was she suppose to be the leading OPP in Osasco or is someone better injured?

    Thaisa didnt play cause she is injuried....but as far as I know she will be back soon.

    I agree about Ivna. She can make some very good matches, but she is still very irregular. Osasco signed Mari to be opp as well. But I guess in Luizomar mind Ivna would be the starter...since he doesnt really give much chances to Mari.

    I think Luizomar took a risk signing Ivna and Samara to be starters...Samra did a good season last one in Pinheiros, but she is not a top player to be Osasco starter I I dont think is Andreia as opp for Rexona.

    But the level of the teams decresed this season....maybe they have less budget...dont know....