Italy - Serie A1 2014/15

  • Pisani with 0 points...was she in the starting six??
    Anyway, Aelbrecht has only 1 point

  • Piacenza defeated Busto Arsizio by 3-1, they will face Novara in the semi-final.

    Piacenza : Sorokaite 23p, Di Iulio 18p, Vargas 13p, Van Hecke 9%(19% of attacks :whistle: )
    Busto Arsizio : Havelkova 18p, Lyubushkina 17p, Diouf 12p, Marcon 9p

    The opps of two sides were out of shape but in stead Sorokaite and Di Iulio saved Piacenza's little butt. I don't really believe Piacenza will keep Van Hecke for next season, she's been so weak through whole season. Vargas with 6 blocks in critical moments, great match by her.
    Busto is now eliminated, I expected a better game from them, too bad. Only Havelkova and Lyubushkina were eager to win, the others were half asleep. I just wished Aelbrecht's condition were a lot better so that she would have replaced Pisani. But well, match is just over I don't want to blame anyone.


    So, the first semi-final match will be played in Novara and Casalmaggiore on the 17th.

    Igor Gorgonzola Novara : Nordmeccanica Rebecchi Piacenza
    Pomì Casalmaggiore : Imoco Volley Conegliano


    NORDMECCANICA REBECCHI PIACENZA - Unendo Yamamay Busto Arsizio 3-1 (2-1)
    Sorokaite 23, Di Iulio 18, Vargas 13, Van Hecke 9 / Havelkova 18, Lyubushkina 17, Diouf 12

    Liu•Jo Modena - IMOCO VOLLEY CONEGLIANO 2-3 (1-2)
    Fabris 18, Piccinini 16, Rousseaux 15 / Neriman 26, Adams 14, Fiorin 10, Barazza 9


    Novara - Piacenza

    Casalmaggiore - Conegliano

  • Piacenza-Busto was a nice match IMO, both teams played good but Piacenza was just a little better with Sorokaite killing Busto in the decisive moments and a great effort in defense. On the other side Busto confirmed its difficulties in Italy, as Leonardi said they could have done a lot more in the league, especially during regular season. Moreover the CL final4 took away many energies, then the team in the last two games looked tired, not to mention that some players had a flu. Anyway congrats to Piacenza, Di Iulio was much better in attack, while Van Hecke had a difficult night (but she did good things in defense and on serve). Difficult task for them now, but who knows!

  • Tirozzi is so brave tonight! :rose:

    Great game, but unfortunately terrible referees. :down:

  • Like every year, Italian playoffs are by far the most enjoyable volleyball to watch :super:
    Italian league might not have the absolute best players of the world anymore, but they have so many GOOD players and no really weak ones. The top 6 teams this season were so balanced and on good level that those matches are really fun to watch :obey:

    Skorupa really screwed up in the end, first a bad set to Stevanovic (though she would have had other options than hitting it out) and then a set to nobody on Conegliano's match point :aww:

  • You are the best! Rai Sport 2 wasn't working for me.. Pomi is leading!!!

    What if they play final with Novara, are they in CL even if they lose?

    If Novara reach the final, the other finalist (Pomí or Conegliano) will play CL too.

  • I am sad for Pomi and happy for Conegliano.. Would like to see Pomi in the final though, they are a more balance team IMO, but their players are too inconsistent.. Tirozzi has been on a good level whole season long.. Gibby was OK, and now in the last few matches she is really good.. and on the other hand Stevanovic who has been one of their main weapons is not having such good games.. Ortolani is mainly solid, can fall asleep sometimes, but Marika was doing a great job subbing her..You can see Bianchini's lack of experience when she comes in score's an ace and then messes her defense, or hits way out and etc.. Skorupa with too many ups and downs IMO