2014 CEV Beach Volleyball European Championship - Italy - 6/3

  • On paper all Medals should go to Germany.

    There is Finland's Duo where is Lethonen. Is She Rikka?

  • I've read that Riikka Lehtonen is thinking about Rio 2016. It would be great to see her at the Olympics. She fully deserved it. :thumbsup:

  • Finnish Duo is in the hardest pool. There is No. 3, 14, 19. She is No. 30. 1st Team will go to 1/8, 2nd and 3rd to called 1/16.

    With reception She shouldn't have problem. Key is Her block skills. How They are?

  • Semi-Finals:

    Germany 1 - Switzerland 21

    Netherlands 6 - Germany 12

  • Semifinals:

    Ludwig-Walkenhorst GER Goricanec-Hüberli SUI 0-2 (15-21, 14-21)
    Meppelink-Van Iersel NED Bieneck-Großner GER 2-1 (23-21, 14-21, 15-8 )

    Bronze medal match:

    Ludwig-Walkenhorst GER Bieneck-Großner GER 2-0 (21-12, 21-18 )


    Goricanec-Hüberli SUI Meppelink-Van Iersel NED 0-2 (17-21, 16-21)


    Dutch girls were clearly stronger in the final. Congrats to them :flower: But silver medal is still a excellent result for Switzerland. "On paper" still only the "3rd swiss team", but they have improved A LOT during the last months. :rose: