2014 CEV Beach Volleyball European Championship - Italy - 6/3

  • According to seeds Latvia, Netherlands and Italy should be on podium.

    More will know for sure, according to facebook, good-looking and romantic Yavor..

  • I think one of:
    Samoilovs/Smedins, Nicolai/Lupo, Erdmann/Matysik, Walkenhorst/Windscheif will win it.

    Last weekend Walkenhorst/Windscheif won in a very tight and high-level final vs. Erdmann/Matysik on german tour in Hamburg. Both teams seem to be in very good shape.....

    Btw, Andrae/Popp spend their summer again with playing german tour. In Hamburg they becme 7th......

  • The 2014 Euro Champ was originally scheduled at the Foro Italico Complex in Rome. I know there are World League games this weekend there (Italy vs. Poland), but I don't know if this is the reason to assign Cagliari as a replacement host. After all, Italy could've played indoors in many other sports halls in Italy. Does anyone actually know the reason for the relocation?

  • Almost no surprises in Cagliari so far. Most of the top seeds won their groups, the level of the championship is very balanced, three very interesting last days are yet to come.

  • We have four german teams in round two :thumbup:
    Unfortunately they are all assembled in the lower bracket, including Samoilovs/Smedins and Herrera/Gavira. That will be very tough to bring someone through to the final. Erdmann/Matysik will face Walkenhorst/Windscheif already in second round :rolleyes: , as a rematch of last sundays german tour final in Hamburg.......

  • Nicolai-Lupo made it!!! great match this afternoon, it has been really tough! especially the tie break, but at the end thanks to NIicolai's blocks they made it...he's really impressive, jumps really high and hits it hard and quickly! great result!! so happy for them (and for the italian beach volley)!! :cup: :cup: :cup:

  • Semfinals:

    Samoilovs-Smedins (LAT) - Herrera-Gavira (ESP) 2-1 (15-21, 21-16, 15-10)
    Nicolai-Lupo (ITA) - Doppler-Horst (AUT) 2-0 (21-13, 21-19)

    Bronze medal match:

    Herrera-Gavira (ESP) - Doppler-Horst (AUT) 1-2 (21-18, 16-21, 12-15)


    Samoilovs-Smedins (LAT) - Nicolai-Lupo (ITA) 1-2 (19-21, 21-14, 15-17)