Germany - DVL 1. Bundesliga 2014/15

  • How is Malevic playing ? :)

    Very weak today :S At some point Dresden started always serving to her and she had big trouble, also in defense she made some simple mistakes. She was not convincing at all...

    Here are all results etc:

    Köpenick - Schwerin 0:3 (21:25, 23:25, 19:25)
    MVP: Kindra Carlson / Diana Nenova
    Expected result, interesting that Weihenmaier played as OPP in Schwerin. Hippe made her comeback after the injury but only played the last few points of the match. Interestingly, the match today was in the very same hall where she got injured 11 months ago.

    Dresden - Stuttgart 3:1 (25:13, 25:21, 23:25, 25:19)
    MVP: Katharina Schwabe / Nikki Lindow
    Nice match, both teams played quite well but Stuttgart made too many simple mistakes. However there were many long entertaining rallies. Dresden has such a deep roster, having players like Dijkema, Lippmann and Izquierdo on bench :white: Schwabe and Bartsch played very well, also Mikhailenko keeps improving.

    Aachen - Potsdam 2:3 (25:21, 23:25, 25:17, 21:25, 20:22)
    MVP: Simona Kosova / Nikola Radosova
    I only watched 5th set but MVP choices are strange. For Aachen, Ivona Svobodnikova had an incredible match with 24 points as MB, 75% in attack, 6 blocks and 3 aces, how could she not be MVP??? :aww: And for Potsdam Rivero should have been MVP, she won them the match in 5th set, but as always Rojko has to choose some player of his NT as MVP :whistle:

    Thüringen - Hamburg 3:1 (25:22, 24:26, 25:17, 25:21)
    MVP: Anika Brinkmann / Lucy Charuk
    Looks like Brinkmann was VERY motivated against her previous club, 27 points with 66% in attack and 4 aces, in the first two sets as OH and then as OPP. Also Mishonova made a good debut apparently. New season, old story for Hamburg, another defeat :D Their MBs seem to have played quite well but not the wing hitters. Jennifer Lundqvist suffered a knee injury in Canada's last WCH match, no idea how long she'll be out but right now Hamburg's only setter is a player who has only played in 2nd league before.

  • What happened to Anja Brandt? She was good in Italy. How could Poll have place in Nt? She is weak in every part of volleyball.

    Brandt wasn't in Italy, as far as I know she isn't in her best shape since she suffered from an injury. Agree about Poll.. there must be some distinctive aspects of her that only Guidetti sees.

  • I can't believe that Malevic is playing so bad :/
    how is it with Cutuk ?...any live score or live stats i can't watch stream :(

    Live scores and stats at (for stats click on the eye symbol), but the one from Potsdam isn't working.
    In 2nd set Stuttgart is better and for some reason Köpenick tries other serving targets which does not work. Malevic in 1st set was really very insecure in reception.

  • Many thrilling matches today and not a single 3 set match, the league is once again very balanced this season :super:

    Köpenick - Stuttgart 3:2 (25:18, 18:25, 29:27, 11:25, 15:13)
    MVP: Mona Elwassimy / Renata Sandor
    Despite a total blackout in 4th set (only ONE attack point and 7 of 11 points coming from opponent errors :white: ), Köpenick managed to beat Stuttgart in a hard-fought match. What a difference a libero can make....Martina Malevic turns out to be very weak for Stuttgart, again she had to do over 50 receptions because opponents target her and when has it ever been a good sign when opponents serve to the libero? Köpenick's reception looked better to me than the stats say, Riedel and Göpner have been very solid for most of the match (at least those parts I watched). Kindra Carlson was a very good transfer for Köpenick, also Barfield is playing well.

    Hamburg - VCO Berlin 3:1 (25:15, 20:25, 25:19, 25:15)
    MVP: Kylin Munoz / Kimberly Drewniok
    First victory for Hamburg in the league since about 18 months :D But surprisingly VCO could win a set. Hamburg's wing hitters seem quite weak and the MVP choices are interesting, Munoz with 24% attack and Drewniok with 12 attack errors as MVP means that probably nobody on court was really convincing :what:

    Potsdam - Dresden 2:3 (21:25, 14:25, 25:22, 26:24, 14:16) (soon)
    MVP: Kathy Radzuweit / Kristina Mikhailenko
    Unfortunately the stream was very bad and most of the time not working at all and the stats are not there yet, so I can't say anything about the match. Early in 1st set I saw Radzuweit being substituted looking like she had a hand injury but she returned some minutes later, and Molly Kreklow also had to quit the match with a foot injury in 1st set and didn't return. Dresden played without Izquierdo (sick) and Bartsch (muscle problems).

    Vilsbiburg - Aachen 3:2 (25:14, 25:23, 27:29, 20:25, 15:10)
    MVP: Nikol Sajdova / Srna Markovic
    Vilsbiburg could have won in 3 sets but Aachen fought back but in the end it wasn't enough. Oosterveld 2/13 in attack and both points were in 5th set, before 5th she had 0/10 :aww: Looks like De Brandt's tactic is to have one OH (Olivera or Oosterveld) on court only for receiving and let Stigrot and Mesa do all the attacks, but I think that won't succeed in the long run. Markovic can become a very good player, she's only 18 years but already a quite solid receiver and very powerful server and spiker, she just needs to become more stable.

    Schwerin - Thüringen 3:1 (16:25, 25:22, 25:12, 25:23)
    MVP: Jennifer Geerties / Christina Speer
    Schwerin with a lot of trouble, Thüringen should have won the match. The key was 2nd set when they were leading 21:17 and still lost it, in the key moments of both 2nd and 4th set Thüringen's reception collapsed. Weihenmaier again as OPP, after 2 sets she had 4/15 so she attacked 9/10 in the last 2 sets :what: Nobody had any expectations for Thüringen because they barely survived financially and it seems playing without pressure makes them a dangerous opponent. Anika Brinkmann after a very good season in Hamburg still plays great and I also liked their setter in the parts of the match I watched.

    Tomorrow, 14.30 CET, Münster - Wiesbaden live on I expect another very interesting match there.