The 2015 CEV CUP

  • Vojvodina NS Seme NOVI SAD (SRB) vs. Energy T.I. Diatec TRENTINO (ITA) stats: match1, match2

    OK Mladost BRCKO (BIH) vs. Maccabi TEL AVIV (ISR) stats: match1, match2

    Partizan Vizura BEOGRAD (SRB) vs. SCM U CRAIOVA (ROU) stats: match1, match2

    KECSKEMET RC (HUN) vs. Dinamo BUCURESTI (ROU) stats: match1, match2

    Loimu RAISIO (FIN) vs. Volley behappy2 ASSE-LENNIK (BEL) stats: match1, match2

    Khimprom SUMY (UKR) (withdrawal) vs. Lokomotiv KHARKIV (UKR)

    Draisma Dynamo APELDOORN (NED) vs. Biogas Volley NÄFELS (SUI) stats: match1, match2

    ISTANBUL BBSK (TUR) vs. Volejbal BRNO (CZE) stats: match1, match2

    Fatra ZLIN (CZE) vs. Dinamo MOSCOW (RUS) stats: match1, match2

    Landstede ZWOLLE (NED) vs. MOK ROVINJ (CRO) stats: match1, match2

    Spacer's TOULOUSE VB (FRA) vs. Dukla LIBEREC (CZE) stats: match1, match2

    TV Ingersoll BÜHL (GER) vs. Bigbank TARTU (EST) stats: match1, match2

    MOK Jedinstvo BRCKO (BIH) vs. GFC AJACCIO (FRA) stats: match1, match2

    CVC GABROVO (BUL) vs. Arkas IZMIR (TUR) stats: match1, match2

    VaLePa SASTAMALA (FIN) vs. Selver TALLINN (EST) stats: match1, match2

    Zaksa KEDZIERZYN-KOZLE (POL) vs. Tiikerit KOKKOLA (FIN) stats: match1, match2…tion.aspx?ID=737&PID=1349

  • I have a feeling the CEV Cup will have the lowest level in many years.

    I don't see a big difference in comparison to previous years. ZAKSA, Dinamo, a questionable Trentino, Toulouse and two not bad Turkish teams are OK as a beginning. Remember there is also a Challenge Round prior to the semis.

  • Arkas Spor has pretty good roster for CEV Cup level
    Glenn Hoag (CAN) - Fazıl Demirci - Tilen Kozamernik
    Mustafa Oğuz Ramazanoğlu - Yiğit Gülmezoğlu
    Kevin Tillie (FRA) - Halil İbrahim Yücel - Gordon Perrin (CAN) - Yiğit Onaylı - Gökhan Gökgöz
    Gavin Schmitt (CAN) - Ufuk Minici
    Matevz Kamnik (SLO) - Erhan Dünge - Mustafa Koç - Hakkı Çapkınoğlu
    Hasan Yeşilbudak - Caner Ergül

    Also IBB's roster is better than lots of CL participants :whistle:

    Nedim Özbey - Hakan Özkan
    Ulaş Kıyak
    Sam Deroo (BEL) - Leonel Marshall Borges Jr. (CUB) - Kadir Cin
    Wytze Kooistra (NED) - Ahmet Toçoğlu - Özkan Hayırlı
    Burak Mert

  • I suspect Kooistra will play as opposite, or are you sure they will hire another foreign player as opposite? What about Celitans? He will stay or he will leave?

  • I suspect Kooistra will play as opposite, or are you sure they will hire another foreign player as opposite? What about Celitans? He will stay or he will leave?

    IMHO they should use Kooistra as OP, he did good job as OP in Poland and also in WL :win:

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    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Ahmet Toçoğlu was inactive last season afaik. That't why I assume he will not be starter. Another possibility is that they can use Fatih Cihan next to Özkan Hayırlı and Kooistra as Opp as you guys said. Celitans went back to treat his injury at the end of season, no news afterwards :huh:

  • 8th Final

    Energy T.I. Diatec TRENTINO (ITA) vs. Maccabi TEL AVIV (ISR) stats: match1, match2

    KECSKEMET RC (HUN) vs. SCM U CRAIOVA (ROU) stats: match1, match2

    Lokomotiv KHARKIV (UKR) vs. Volley behappy2 ASSE-LENNIK (BEL) stats: match1, match2

    Draisma Dynamo APELDOORN (NED) vs. ISTANBUL BBSK (TUR) stats: match1, match2

    Dinamo MOSCOW (RUS) vs. Landstede ZWOLLE (NED) stats: match1, match2

    Spacer's TOULOUSE VB (FRA) vs. TV Ingersoll BÜHL (GER) stats: match1, match2

    GFC AJACCIO (FRA) vs. Arkas IZMIR (TUR) stats: match2

    Zaksa KEDZIERZYN-KOZLE (POL) vs. VaLePa SASTAMALA (FIN) stats: match1, match2

  • Quarterfinals

    SCM U CRAIOVA (ROU) vs. Energy T.I. Diatec TRENTINO (ITA)

    ISTANBUL BBSK (TUR) vs. Volley behappy2 ASSE-LENNIK (BEL)

    Spacer's TOULOUSE VB (FRA) vs. Dinamo MOSCOW (RUS)


  • Why have You Włodarczyk as main photo? Is He in Your type?

    Ah... good question. Two years ago I was very worried about the OHs in Poland NT and I was looking upon Wlodarczyk to come out as a resolution.
    Unfortunately so far he doesn't seem like one, and Mika turned out to be the guy.

    As I am just too lazy to change another avatar.

    He is ugly and his acne. :obey:

    Well IMHO he's cute.

    Alright I guess he became my type after two years watching.

    I watched the ZAKSA match and it was fairly entertaining. ZAKSA used a squad that are not commonly seen. Loh definitely had one of the best games in this season. I was delighted to see Rejno and Banach had the chance of playing the entire game. Rejno shows some flaws due to lack of experiences, Banach's name looks like banana so that amused me (no offense).
    On the other hand, Izmir's performance was way too underwhelming. The setter, whom I'm not familiar with, had too many ridiculous faults. And Gavin clearly didn't present the best of himself, as quite a few attacking faults certainly contributed to the 0-3 loss.

  • Nice to see Lucas doing well these past few matches! :D Seems like he finally found his best shape with ZAKSA. Overseas experience may have impacted his poor performances earlier this season.

    PS: Wlodarczyk is kinda cute despite his acne. :whistle:

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  • 2 sets not 1 :whistle: :wavy:

    Our commentator said 1.

    About the match, despite Zatorski, Zagumny injuries and Bociek's cancer, despite disappointments in league Zaksa is on fire. Loh played yesterday like Fonteles. And our Polish teenagers replacements Krzysztof Rejno (he's so cute, Mr Martee, not Włodarczyk, LOL) and libero Banach showed strenght of our not first but second, third division of our NT. Many people probably saw them first time playing. It reminds me our yougsters of Skra trip to play with Fenerbahce, in next day Bagnoli quits.
    And... I have impression Zaksa feels better with Nimir setting, not Zagumny's...