2015 FIVB U18 World Championship - Lima / Peru - 8/7

  • european teams spikers stats generally dont look good...

    Except for Paola Egonu.
    56.90% success!

  • Germany is doing so well this tournament...beating China and Serbia!!!

    Yes, it seems to be a pretty good generation. Hanna Orthmann (OPP) is one of the biggest young talents in Germany, I wish she'd play 1st league next season but she has one more year of school and it seems her parents want her to focus on that so she'll continue playing in Münster's 2nd team. Agbortabi is a similar player like Lisa Izquierdo, short but athletic, and they even look alike :D All 3 MBs also seem fairly talented, Sabrina Krause of course benefits a lot from her height in block, Merle Weidt already last season showed good performances in 1st league with 15 years. Also the libero Sophie Dreblow is really good, she's practising with Potsdam's 1st league team since about 2 years and last season also got to play some matches.
    I hope the team can reach semifinal, but in this age group everything is possible and with this formula teams can't afford one bad match after preliminary. Today the team had an advantage because Serbia's regular libero could not play due to illness and her replacement was the victim of German serves with 9 reception errors :white: German setter Pia Kästner with 7 aces in 2 sets :super:

  • 35-33 in the 3rd set, Italy is beating Japan 3-0, Turkey will play Belgium.
    If Brazil will win 3-0 against Cuba now they would play USA in the 1/8 if not - Russia. I wonder what will they choose.
    Egypt has beaten Mexico 3-2 and secured the place in the 1/8 will probably face China

  • italian setter seems to be a good blocker,right ?
    Egonu is team's leader in scoring

    nice that Egypt in quarter finals..

    as far as i discover....Paula Egonu and Alessia Orro from Italy and Li Yingying from China are good players..Egyp has two interesting players scoring : Mariam Morsy and Nada Meawad

    what about your discovers in this tournament?

  • what about your discovers in this tournament?

    Mariam Morsy for me. Dying to see Russian team especially as they've won against USA team, but no tv coverage(((

  • So the 1/8 final lineup is
    Germany - Mexico
    USA - Brazil
    China - Egypt
    Russia - Japan
    Italy - Argentina
    South Korea - Serbia
    Turkey - Belgium
    Peru - Poland

  • And Brasil is out! :white:
    USA won the match 3-1

    Brasil for the first time is out of the best 8 teams in YWCH.

  • And Germany meets USA in QF...Germany still is unbeaten and lost only 2 sets in 5 matches, but USA will for sure be the hardest opponent so far.
    Miguel, what is your impression of German team? I only could watch their match against Thailand from the stream...looking at the stats they seem very good in serve and block.

  • what i infer from the stats..german team's strongest point is their serves..they havent lost so far so they have the chance to win again usa team as well...seems best european team is italy so far...

  • LIVE NOW!!!
    Fri 14 Aug 2015 (GMT +07)
    FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship 2015

    21:00 Cuba U-18 W (CUB) - Thailand U-18 W (THA) 1-3 (16-25, 11-25, 25-20, 20-25)

    Workpoint TV (Thailand)

  • I think more important than basic results in junior competitions is the fact whether these players from one or the other team are showing potential to be great in a future. And because of that, I dont know if China with very poor setter as on their standards or weak middle blockers is able to win gold medal here (but they hace theeir chances in this moment definitely), but their OH duo is simply amazing. Wu Han is best receiver here (also, on of the best scorers) and Li Yingying is best scorer and on of the best spikers. And she was born in 2000! China is having regularly 1-2 brilliant in every age category recently and this trend seems not to be stopped at all. Yinging is left handed and shes playing at OH 2 with ability to attack on right wing, and Wu Han is very stable receiver and attacker. China Senior NT is lacking some classy opposite (I like Zheng Chunlei but shes not that good) and OH with versatility in many volleyball fundamentals - so it seems they got great talents on these two positions. Its scary how good they can e in a future if Zu and Yuan Xinyue stay healthy. I think Li is easily able to play on right side (especially shes not that bad in receiving and we know how these receiving/non-receiving schemes work in China. Their physical potential and depth in talent - Im talking about China's Female volleyball generally, look Cuba-esque right now.

    But I dont think they are going to win here. Italia is clearly favorite, but, as I said, this competition is not only about results.