KOVO 2014/2015 - South Korean League

  • This link is much better! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Lr0twAjA9I
    You can always see all V-league live match in this channel. spotv channel in Youtube


    Laola1.tv also broadcast a lot of Korean League LIVE(I think almost every match?), but some region may not able to watch

  • KOVO said that they will introduce "tryout system" for foreign players from next season in V-league.
    source : http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/sp…AKR20131218191700007.HTML
    (the source is in 2013 when this issue is first came out, but now it's confirmed)
    Tryout is similar to draft. Among applicants, KOVO makes ranking list of player and each team select the player in order.
    KOVO said they are considering applicants from NCAA(National Collegiate Athletic Association)
    So overall, foreign palyers from next season will be less experienced than now.
    KOVO expects that the current high dependency on one foreign player in V-league will be changed with new system.

  • I think is an example of a rule change that ideally would make the league less dependent on foreign players but in practicality it won't change anything. The level of the foreign player won't be as good as seasoned professionals, but teams will still rely on them for offense, simply because event at the beginning levels the foreign athletes are just better attackers because of their height and athleticism.

  • I watched IBK Altos-Heungkuk Life and I have to say Hooker's team is just weak. I'm not able to recognize asian players watching their faces (so I don't know if they still have the players who reached 2 finals in a row, winning the first one). I don't know if it was a weak team or just a weak game. The only one I recognized was Sa-Nee Kim as setter and she was the most consistent player beside D. The libero had a terrible game...

    D.'s shape is getting better game by game and point by point. She is still far from her best spiking reach, but she's improving at same time.

    On the other side Rourke had few mistakes, expecially with bad sets, but when she has the perfect set she kills it, no matter how, she does her job.

  • It would be unfair to criticize IBK just for today`s game. So far they have two wins and one loss, which is today. I haven`t seen previous matches but planning to watch replays if possible, after that I can have a better impression on teams. Congratz to Pink spider btw, they really deserved to win today.

  • Soon we will hear that Rahimova breaks the record as scoring 60 points. Is she ready for that? :cheesy:

    Her team has other reliable scoring options compared to other teams IMO, but again in a 5 set match she would score at least something 40-50 maybe.

  • IBK is the most strong team and HK is the opposite, so today's result is quite surprising. During two years since the IBK team is made, HK never won against IBK.

    What is more surprising is that two main wing players of HK were absent due to injury, but HK defeated IBK by 3:0

    All this result is driven by the new coach of HK of this season, Park Mihee, who has been an excellent player as MB, and also a good caster until last season. Personally I'm not a fan of HK at all, but I really appreciate them today. The coach made completely different team with the same member.

    Vasileva had hard season with this team last season. She did everything alone, attack and defense but teamwork and mood were always awful. The trouble between the main setter, cho, and Vasileva getting worsened during season.

    It is too early to say that HK became a strong candidate for championship but it is sure that the game of HK is much interesting than before.

  • I must add one thing more.

    Kwon Kwang-young, who was the head manager of Heungkuk, the main axis of Kim Yeon-Koung's FA status dispute, has been dismissed since several months. :rolll:

    Definitely, another reason that the team improved.

  • GS Caltex Kixx Seoul

    Eun-Mi Si (3)
    Na-Yeon Lee (6)
    Ji-Yoon Yeong (20)

    Haley Eckerman
    Ye-Ri Anh (14)

    So-Young Lee (1)
    Song-Yi Han (12)
    Seon-Yeo Yeong (15)
    Jim-Soo Kim (7)

    Middle Blockers:
    Yoo-Na Bae (also R) (10)
    Yoo-Jung Choi (11)
    Bo-Ra Jang (17)
    Rye-Jin Yeong (19)
    Da-Un Jeong [18]
    Seung-Ju Pyo (also R) (9)

    Hyun-Jung Na (5)
    Hae-In Kum [8]
    Da-Hye Han (16)

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  • KGC Daejeon

    Soo-Ji Han (4)
    Jae-Eun Lee (3)

    Joyce Silva (1)
    Mok-Hwa Baek (also L) (12)

    Yeon-Ju Lee (11)
    Su-Bin Choe (10)
    Young-Eun Jang (6)

    Middle Blockers:
    Bo-Lam Lee (14)
    Mi-Ra Yoo (13)
    Jae-Hee Lim (17)
    Yeong-Hwa Moon (15)

    Myung-Ok Yim [8]
    Sang-Mi Park (5)
    Ah-Young Son (7)
    In-Hee Lee (9)

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  • Hyundai E&C Hillstate Suwon

    Hye-Seon Yeum (3)
    Ye-Jin Cho (5)
    Dae-Yeong Lee (19)

    Polina Rahimova (also L) (17)
    Youn-Joo Hwang (4)

    Yoo-Mi Han (also R) (11)
    Mi-Sun Jung (12)
    Jin-Hee Kim (15)
    Yoo-Ha Kim (16)
    Yoo-Min Go (7)
    Tae-Hui Kim (1)

    Middle Blockers:
    Se-Young Kim (13)
    Hyo-Jin Yang (14)
    Da-Eun Yeong (6)
    Min-Jung Kang (10)
    Hyeon-Ju Yeong (9)

    Yeon-Kyeon Kim [8]
    Hye-Mi Park [18]

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  • IBK Altos Hwaseong

    Sa-Nee Kim (9)
    So-Jin Lee (6)
    Hak-Yeong Kim (3)

    Destinee Hooker (19)
    Hee-Jin Kim (also C) (4)

    Eun-Ji Choi (7)
    Jeong-Ah Park (also C) (10)
    Sae-Yan Yoon (11)
    Sun-Ha-Chae (12)
    Da-Yeong Kang (15)

    Middle Blockers:
    Eon-Hye Kim (also R) (13)
    Hee-Ok Yoo (14)
    Yoon-Jung Hwang (17)

    Jie-Youn Nam [8]
    Hye-Lim Kwon (5)
    Ran Nho (16)

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