KOVO 2014/2015 - South Korean League

  • Korea Expressway Hi-Pass Zenith Seongnam

    Hyo-Hee Lee (3)
    Hyeon-Ji No (2)
    Ko-Eun Lee (6)
    Hye-Won Kim [8]

    Nicole Fawcett (10)
    Jung-Won Mun (12)

    Min-Kyoung Hwang (15)
    Hye-Jin Ha (16)
    Mi-Yeon Kim (17)
    Sun-Young Kim (4)
    Ye-Lim Ko (7)
    Kor Ni (10)

    Middle Blockers:
    Dae-Young Jung (13)
    Kum-Ran No (1)
    So-Yun Chang (11)
    Ye-Ji Kim [18]
    Jon-Eem Ha (14)

    Hae-Ran Kim (5)
    Ji-Young Oh (9)

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  • Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders Incheon

    Joo-Li Wu (3)
    Song-Hwa Cho (14)
    Do-Hee Kim [18]

    Rachel Rourke (9)
    Yu-Ri Yeong (20)

    Jae-Yeong Lee (17)
    Ye-Na Joo (6)
    Si-Young Jung (1)
    Yu-Hwa Kwak (16)
    Sung-Hee Park (13)
    Hye-Sun Kang (19)
    Yeong-Yeong Sin (15)

    Middle Blockers:
    Yoon-Hee Kong (12)
    Hye-Jin Kim (7)
    Hae-Jeong Im (4)
    Su-Ji Kim (11)

    Hye-Sun Kim [8]
    Ji-Hyun Han (5)

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

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  • Great work! thank you

    After some beginning matches of the seasons, here are some impressive players IMO so far.

    1. Na-Hyung Jung (5), Libro, GS Caltex

    Super dig! I did not know this player well before, but so far amazing. I hope she continues her condition for whole season. Korean NT needs young generation of libro.

    2. So-young Lee (1), left, GS

    It's 3rd season for her. Without De la Cruz, Dae-young Jung (moves to Hi pass) and Suk-ja Lee (retired) GS spending hard time. They don't have enough strong attacker. But So-young Lee doing well her job. cheers!

    3. Song-hwa Cho (14), setter, HK

    I did not know her well but she seems more confident. smiles on face. they said she is not like this before. Vasileva will agree on that. haha.

    You may know all foreign players well, they are all good. Among all, I think Rourke is the best.
    They way she encourages colleague makes better teamwork. Players of HK are youngest that other team and this is important to them.

    Polina is also good player but it seems that she is not yet used to Yeom's setting.

    What else to say for Nicole. She is struggling during 3 years in bad team. :aww: I feel like she is santa maria of Hi pass. She said that she remained the team for championship, but seems hard to achieve.

  • Are there any upcoming MB (C) for Korea? I know Kim Hee-Jin and Yang Hyo-jin from NT, but both are inconsistent and Hyo-jin seems to have decreased her skill after her injury during WGP. I remember Jung Dae-Young and Kim Se-Young from previous NT, but Dae-Young is getting older and is not very tall and Se-Young has a good block but a really horrible attack and is also getting older. I hope Korea NT does not keep transition OS into MB because of the lack of skilled MB or whatever other reason they have.

  • Exactly. you know better than me!
    Unfortunately, no remarkable upcomping player in MB position.
    We have two talented players, Lee twin, who debut this season in V-league, but they are wing spiker and setter.

  • Been watching women's volleyball in Korea for several years and am hooked. My favorite team has been IBK, but the team is struggling a bit this season. I think it's a matter of finding the right chemistry with the new setter, Kim Sa-Nee. I don't know why IBK let Lee Hyo-Hee slip away to High Pass. She's the best setter in the entire league, and a leader on the court. Anyone know why Lee left IBK?

  • This is my humble observation from only watching games this season, but I believe she(Moon Jung-won) really changed the team atmosphere by playing as a receiving opp. Her serves are remarkable and she doesn`t score much but brings a lot energy to the games. Nicole`s ambition to become a champion might not be dream after all.