2018 FIVB World Championship - Japan

  • I'm sad Brazil is gone. And because of the weird way I look at volleyball I want to say something positive about them amidst the eulogizing and hand-wringing. They are an entertaining team, and part the reason they are entertaining is because they are really good. The way they came back to win their last two matches was outstanding.

    "Yeah, but they're Brazil. And it was against NED and JPN (sucky teams). It should be 3-0. When they come back against CHN and SER that way, get back to me."

    Any team that comes back against any team like that has something going on. Something that got them down, and something that got them back up. Spirit and skill. It's only 2 points, but it's cooler than winning 3-0. I loved the experience of fearing and feeling confident that Brazil could win those matches. Not many teams give me that.


  • as much as I love Brazil, they have no one to blame but themselves for this tragic end of their WCH journey. they lost to German and lost a set to Mexico. that is a huge blow for their chance to go through the second round. "blame" them might be harsh. long gone the day when they will beat the crap outta these teams. i feel like with the demise of Fabi, Fabiana, and the glory days of Thaisa, Brazil has lost their signature play. the titular now wouldn't even make it as a bench back then.

    i was so mad at Coach Ze for putting Dani Lins as titular on early stage of the tournament. let Roberta play for God's sake. let her warm up through the early stage so she can get better towards the end. Thaisa still can be a threat, but not like her glory days. Gabi played well, but there's only so much she can do. Natalia is just a waste of space at this point. love her, but for real.

    Ze effed the team up. for so long he put the same golden generation through all the tournaments and didn't even bother to focus on the youngsters. i feel liek it is going to be another year or two until they can perform well again. maybe by Tokyo 2020, they will find their core team. but as for now, this is the best line up that they have.

    the most disappointing ones are the MBs. they can block, but their attacks? not so much. Bia might be valuable 2 years ago, but not now. Carol can block and she blocks really good but her attacking is sad. Adenizia is just not gonna cut it.

    Good luck for the future Brazil. that's all i can say.

  • similar to TUR in that sense (youngsters with Eda and Simge) but simply their youngsters are way more talented than Turkish ones. In theory, ITA can dominate next 3 Olympic games with the same roster (replacing Lucia with her sister and a new libero). This young team already achieved more than they were expected, so every win from now on will be a huge success. I hope they will play the final against SRB.


    Was Michael Jordan more talented than Larry Bird?

    Let's not be coy about the real issue here...

    Nobody can match Egonu&Sylla's athleticism, power and explosiveness...

    Can you say Malinov more talented than Cansu, or Danesi than Zehra or Sylla than Hande...

    Thanks to African immigrants Italians are building a "Cuban" team in the middle of Europe.

    And good for them.

    French should take an example, I am sure thay can overmatch Italians easily.

    But they don't seem to care about volleyball.

  • I really hope that Russia will have a different coach in 2020. With Shcherban and Malykh instead of Biryukova and Malygina they probably would've made the top six. They did pretty well even though they did not play their best and without an attacking OPP (after Goncharova injury).

  • I don't watch basketball so I don't get your analogy. Malinov and Cansu was from the same generation and I have been watching both since they were playing junior NT. Cansu wasn't even starter of our NT whereas Malinov has been great since an early age. On top of her precise setting, she is a good blocker/defender too which is something Cansu severely miss. To me both Danesi and Chirichella are more talented than Zehra.

  • about that ball from egonu that hit startseva in the face: that was not the ball that ended the point, so play continued. there was no way for anyone to know that she was hit badly in the face until she left the court, so there was no chance for her to apologize. the insinuation that egonu acted badly is totally unfair.

    In fact USAvolleyfan (if I recall well) suggested she should have apologized when the doctor was taking care of her and the game stopped for a bit (and I suggested it was ok also at the end of the match, if in that moment Paola felt like she would have intrude)

    Lloyd only use her front attacker to be exact 60-70% are given to her opposite.

    Really? I got the impression USA was playing almost without opposite...

    Anyway, I don't remember who suggested it, but now I'm following Fabio Menta too! I found him a bit arrogant in his statement, but his post are interesting and entertaining ^^

  • athleticism is the fundamental part of sport talents.

  • I don't watch basketball so I don't get your analogy. Malinov and Cansu was from the same generation and I have been watching both since they were playing junior NT. Cansu wasn't even starter of our NT whereas Malinov has been great since an early age. On top of her precise setting, she is a good blocker/defender too which is something Cansu severely miss. To me both Danesi and Chirichella are more talented than Zehra.

    If you really think Malinov is more talented than Cansu as "pure setter" you should watch basketball more...

  • I hate how people in Turkey always feel like they need to discredit their own players and their abilities. In my opinion Cansu is one of the most creative setters in the world ATM, she showed that not only in VNL but also in the Turkish league and the Champions league countless times where she saved VakıfBank over and over again and therefore was also given best setter award. How fair is it to judge a setters setting skills entirely based on 1 tournament where we know Italy was one of the best receiving teams and Turkey a terrible receiving team?

    I will not say one is better then the other and 1 player will not determine the entire end result of a team, with that logic all setters in final 6 are better then Nootsara Tomkom. Malinov has Egonu and Sylla who can kill pretty much everything... I will just hope that Turkey after finishing 2nd in WGP/VNL like Italy last year will follow the magic and play their best volleyball the following year.

    Zehra is also younger then the two Italian MBs mentioned, what we should look at now, is that she has the basics which she does. Chirichella is one of my fave MBs as well btw but I am not a fan of Danesi personally (sometimes she is just a ghost) I also know that Folie is usually in for her anyways ;)

    Zehra is 19 for a few months and Danesi and Christina are 22 and 24, what Zehra showed in VNL in her first ever appearance with the NT should be considered more then enough, it's not her fault Gio did not call another experienced MB when things were not going their way. I don't know what else ppl expect of a teenager...

    Btw I agree that Cansu's blocking is too bad...

  • Malinov will be best in the world very soon. She has natural skills and possibilities.

    Totally agree. She can manage many different situations and attacking schemes . And keep an eye on Lele Morello, u17 World champion and u18 European Champion with Italy. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a top player quite soon.

  • :aww:

    Now we have to discredit Meryem's points and work to make up for Cansu...:rolll: I guess someone at least always needs to be put down. Meryem had some great kills and helped the team a lot. How about this: both were good at VNL but could not keep the level for whole summer?

    I said I don't want to say who is better; imo Malinov is probably better yea, she is more all around(also blocking, defense) and way more reliable then Cansu. Cansu maybe set great to Meryem, Eda, Meliha at times but there were also times she screwed up and I missed a setter like Naz in the team. Though I still think we should not discredit Cansu's abilities and imo she's one of the most creative setters around and she's young, her impact sometimes is amazing in VakifBank and NT.

  • Setter were one the reason why Turkey haven't done anything special at this WCH. One of them is Cansu.

    One of the best MB(Eda) couldn't score, why ? Because She got bad sets...

    And What Cansu does when She plays with Zhu, sets over and over to her ?? + Wolosz got best setter in CL.

  • Don’t know who is the better setter, but I know if you swap egonu, sylla, and maybe libero with boz, ercan, italian team is probably at home now. To me, what makes Italian team special is Egonu and their defense, both floor defense and block. italian team receives incredibly well in this tournament which makes setter’s job that much easier

  • I feel sorry for Brazil and Russia. They were determined and fought at their best. I can’t help but think that the Japanese team was quite lucky to get a light draw in the first round. And with the tactic of Serbia that allows them to be in the third while Brazil and Russia were eliminated is kind of annoying me.

    Root for China and Italy this time. 😎