2018 FIVB World Championship - Japan

  • Once again Czarnecki has spoken and he said that beside Holland and Poland there are offers from China, Thailand and Japan to organize WCH 2022. Chinese comittee will visit FIVB to speak about it. I am afraid that they will once again give it to Asia and not Europe.

  • When I was in Japan, I could not see the semifinals on TV as I was sightseeing in Tokyo. I was attending the Final on Saturday, so I had to make my last full day of sightseeing worth it. Plus I went to dinner on Friday night with some friends. At dinner I got to watch the 4th and 5th sets of Italy-China before my friends arrived.

    Anyways, the Serbia-Netherlands semifinal, which I just finished watching on FloVolleyball, was very stressful with lots of long rallies. The Netherlands came back so many times in the 4th set, but Sloetjes just could not put the ball to the floor enough. Now two straight fourth place finishes in the biggest events. They are so close to making a final or taking a medal, but will their window close by Tokyo?

    The Serbia-Italy final was very good, with some great athletic displays by Egonu and Boskovic. Italy needed a little more help for Egonu, but De Gennaro was really impressive as the libero (also saw her in Nagoya for the third round). Egonu and Boskovic are so young, that they will continue to improve. Sylla for Italy is also really young, so I see her and Egonu as their pillars for the future.

  • Anyways, the Serbia-Netherlands semifinal, which I just finished watching on FloVolleyball, was very stressful with lots of long rallies.

    That was a very very tough game, the Dutch gave everything they had but in the end Serbia was the better team.....just like the semi in Rio Ned vs China...in the end China was the better team.

    We are only only 19 months away from Tokyo and they (Netherlands) should qualify (hopefully) and they will certainly be in the hunt for a medal as they should be there with the current roster. But I feel bad for them because their current squad is very very good but Serbia happens to have their best squad ever at the same time.... if Serbia was not this good right now the Dutch certainly would have a Olympic and WCH medal.

  • Really?! That would be amazing! :dance6:I hope some players of the Dutch team will decide to keep playing a few years longer, so they can play the WCH in their own country.

    Yes, on behalf of FIVB president it was announced by FIVB General Director Fabio Azevedo. It was some kind of gift to Poland which celebrate 90 years of volleyball and right now there is some special event.

  • With the Netherlands and Poland hosting in 2022, here is a quick breakdown of the 24 team editions of the Women's World Championships from 1998-2018.

    I think that it will breakdown the following way for number of teams in 2022.

    Africa 2

    Asia 5

    Europe 7+2 (hosts)


    South America 2

  • I think that they should keep it like in the previous editions when the number of places for each confederation was practically the same. It varied only because of the organizer and previous World Champion. So it should be like this:

    Africa 2

    Asia 4

    Europe 7 + 2 (hosts) + 1 (Serbia, don't you forget that Serbia as WCH 2018 is already qualified to WCH 2022 ;)


    South America 2

  • Europe actually has 3 spots at the moment, Serbia as the defending champion is directly in.

    So, if Europe gets 9 berths in total, it means they get to qualify 6 teams, just as many as NORCECA, and that is obviously ridiculous.

    Europe should have 10 spots and NORCECA 5. I'm not holding my breath on that, though.

  • Norceca had the second most teams reach the second round with 4. For the FIVB, they can't really go more in Asia. Japan and China can hold their own, but below that it is a dropoff. Outside of Brazil, South America just cannot have 2 more teams. Africa barely holds water at 2 teams.

    9 or 10 for Europe is at most what they can do. That other slot would have to come from somewhere, but I do not think it will come from NORCECA. May Asia only gets 4.