2018 FIVB World Championship - Japan

  • China's final 14 roster for the world championship:

    Setters: DING Xia, YAO Di

    OHs: ZHU Ting, ZHANG Changning, LIU Xiaotong, LI Yingying

    OPs: GONG Xiangyu, ZENG Chunlei

    MBs: YAN Ni, YUAN Xinyue, YANG Hanyu, HU Mingyuan

    Liberos: LIN Li, WANG Mengjie

  • So from the Olympic roster;

    Wei Qiuyue is replaced by Yao Di

    Hui Ruoqi is replaced by Li Yingying

    Yang Fanxu is replaced by Zeng Chunlei

    Yan Ni is replaced by Yang Hanyu

    Also Hu Mingyuan and Wang Mengjie are additional players since 14 players are allowed to play in WCh opposed to OG with 12 players

    What do you guys think with new replacements? Do you think this Chinese roster is better or worse than previous OG roster?

  • Yan Ni is still there.:rolleyes: