2018 FIVB World Championship - Japan

  • China's final 14 roster for the world championship:

    Setters: DING Xia, YAO Di

    OHs: ZHU Ting, ZHANG Changning, LIU Xiaotong, LI Yingying

    OPs: GONG Xiangyu, ZENG Chunlei

    MBs: YAN Ni, YUAN Xinyue, YANG Hanyu, HU Mingyuan

    Liberos: LIN Li, WANG Mengjie

  • So from the Olympic roster;

    Wei Qiuyue is replaced by Yao Di

    Hui Ruoqi is replaced by Li Yingying

    Yang Fanxu is replaced by Zeng Chunlei

    Yan Ni is replaced by Yang Hanyu

    Also Hu Mingyuan and Wang Mengjie are additional players since 14 players are allowed to play in WCh opposed to OG with 12 players

    What do you guys think with new replacements? Do you think this Chinese roster is better or worse than previous OG roster?

  • Yan Ni is still there.:rolleyes:

  • Serbia - Mexico 4-0 in the last Serbia's friendly match before the start of the tournament.


    Nice to see that Buša gets next to no play time in a meaningless match against a weak team. She's really there just as a decoration, like she's been all these years. :roll: And if you're gonna take a total newbie like Aleksić to a big competition, a match like this a perfect opportunity to try her out, but apparently not. Also, I don't understand why Bošković had to play the entire match, but whatever.

  • I think it is weaker on paper due to lack of experience. Only 4/14 players had played in the WCh, Zhu Ting, Ceng Chunlei, Yuan Xinyue, and Liu Xiaotong. The rest are first timers even though some are Olympic champions. So stamina might be a factor since the WCh is a long tournament with consecutive matches.

  • IMO this team could not be the lesser one than the Rio squad. Those relatively new players in Rio are now the groomed ones, the previous senior players in Rio are taken over by the new generation, ofc there is a trade-off between the accumulated experiences and the energy, stamina, the senior vs the youth, It's up to one's take what to believe :-) yet some other teams make rapid progresses from Rio to today.

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  • I have TRT 1 on tv,that's not the same I think?

    No it´s not the same, TRT SPOR (sometimes also called TRT 3) is a different channel but fear not if you don´t have it on tv. There are many good streams as well as an official online stream from TRT which has perfect quality.

    TRT SPOR (Official Stream)

    TRT SPOR (Alternative Streams)

    they will broadcast all Turkish matches at least, I hope they will do more but don´t think so. Other games are probably streamed here in paid channels if at all.

  • I think you meant Xu Yunli and not Yan Ni.

    I think this squad is actually better than that of the previous OG roster. This younger squad has better stamina, which is good considering how long the tournament is. I'd like to think that the only significant loss from the previous roster is Wei Qiuyue considering how Yao Di is still not consistent. I actually prefer Zeng Chunlei over Yang Fangxu and was actually sad that she was cut-off from the 2016 roster considering her role for the team in the previous cycles. Yan Ni and Xu Yunli are actually on the same level for me. So yeah, good things are to come for this squad, I just hope Zang is back to her Rio form!

  • Japanese roster :

    1. Miyu Nagaoka
    2. Sarina Koga

    3. Nana Iwasaka

    4. Risa Shinnabe

    5. Erika Araki

    7. Yuki Ishii

    8. Mami Uchiseto

    9. Haruyo Shimamura

    10. Koyomi Tominaga

    13. Mai Okumura

    15. Kotoe Inoue

    16. Mako Kobata

    21. Ai Kurogo

    22. Kanami Tashiro

    source : jva.or.jp

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  • Thailand roster is

    OH: Onuma, Wilawan, Ajcharaporn, Chatchuon

    MB: Pluemjit, Thatdao, Chitaporn, Watchareeya

    OP: Malika, Pimpichaya

    S: Nootsara, Pornpun

    L: Piyanut, Supattra

    Hattaya is out for this tournament due to knee injury.