2018 FIVB World Championship - Japan

  • Russia may well not even make the 2nd round. This team looks terrible.

  • For the italian users: Amore e capoeira arrived also in Japan :rolll: after being played at every time out at the male wch:rolll:

  • My God what celebrate at second point in 3rd set. HAHAHAHAH

    no they dont.

    Yes they have, and with so many options they have Zhu as leader.

  • Ebrar is playing really good for now but my God She is so annoying with her celebration

  • FYI - They aren't playing all those annoying "here comes the boom" type stuff at the Yokohama Stadium. they just shout "Nippon" constantly

  • Ebrar is playing really good.

    Eda is playing terrible which is problematic also, and block-defense+reception was terrible so far.

  • Ebrar played her lifetime volleyball and now She makes two mistakes in row in attack... but still she played amazing in today match so high % in attack.

    Congrats to Chine for their 3:0 victory !

    Can't wait to watch Italy against Turkey and against Chine !!!

  • Maybe Zhang Changning is still adjusting, but she looks like she can barely jump. I hope she'll remain healthy throughout the tournament.

  • China 3: 0 Turkey

    Attack: 42 v 42

    Block: 9 v 7

    Serve: 0 v 6

    Opp. error: 24: 9

    Yeah Chine is not doing so much mistakes and they are great in this. They are playing amazing out of system volleyball, not only one player but everyone !!!

  • Turkey was quite bad today, vs Chinese players (Zhu Ting) somehow I feel Simge does not play good. Meliha was decent in offense, but she gave so many free balls to China with her bad reception. Şeyma was good, I liked her blocking. Ebrar was crazy good. Hande was bad, Meryem was invisible but worst of all Eda Erdem was a shadow of her normal self, no blocks from her and she got blocked from all around.... Only Ebrar was fighting and she did a good job at that alone!

    Of course all this also has got to do with the fact that China played super good in all aspects. They were reliable from everywhere and had great blocking.

    Turkey must focus on Italy match!

  • A very meaningful win by the Chinese team over the Turkish one. And what a sweet repay(!) by CHN over all the kindness received from TUR throughout the VNL from prelim to the F6, not to mention the minor one in the Swiss Classic. The ZhuYuanZhang team backs into the action. From TUR team the youngster Karakurt is the most notable, moreover she's still so young. Nonetheless both teams will proceed to the next round, this is simply a match of confidence, a match of prestige. No more and no less.

    //EDIT: Thank you for all the useful feedbacks.

    * I wrongly mixed up the VNL prelim (TUR & ITA) with the VNL F6 (ITA) wrt to CHN team's defeats.

    * Hehehe...I completely forgot that there's point-carrying concerning the teams that advance to the next round starting from this First Round :-) I ridiculously thought the point-carrying round would start from the Second Round :aww:

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