2018 FIVB World Championship - Japan

  • 13-4 for Italy in the 3rd set :what:I can't believe I woke up so early for this match

    Same. This has been very disappointing from Turkey.

    Italy look like they will give China a good fight tomorrow though.

  • Bosetti MVP! She is the "glue" of this italian team. She really knows how to read the game. Good reception, smart spikes, she knows where to stay in order to defend and cover, just an outstanding performance!

    Italian defense has been superb too and that has been thanks to the block too.

    Turkish ladies seems so confused and sloppy, specially their young setter. She should have been replaced much earlier.

  • Turkey seems not to be in form for this competition and I can‘t explain why. Guidetti is having one of his worst matches as a coach. I mean watching this messy team he must be more angry and furious like we all know him but he is very calm.

    Tactically Turkey especially Guidetti is not prepared. They can lose of course but not playing so bad. I mean he waits until Meryem gets blocked10 times to substitute her, those are things I am not used from Guidetti.

  • I think Italy made look Turkey worse than they were by their own outstanding performance - if they continue on this very high level, they will give even China a hard time.

  • I honestly didn't think this match would end like this. Turkey just fell apart and they had no one that could pick up the pieces.

    China will have their work cut out if Italy plays like this tomorrow.

  • Italy's strong defence is frustrating Turkey. I wouldn't be surprise if Italy defeat China tomorrow. In the VNL competition, they shut out Zhu Ting while the Chinese had no answer to Egonu....

  • Italy's strong defence is frustrating Turkey. I wouldn't be surprise if Italy defeat China tomorrow. In the VNL competition, they shut out Zhu Ting while the Chinese had no answer to Egonu....

    Zhang ChangNing wasn't there in the VNL. I think it's not that easy for Italy tomorrow. I'm sure it's going to be a very good match. Both team has the chance to win. I can't wait to watch.

  • I told you so, Italy has amazing defence. Even Zhu had problem to score in VNL.

    They have Egonu and Sylla as powerhouse in attack, Bosetti and Monica amazing defence player and MB are doing good job and don't forget that Folie is not here and She is the best Italian MB right now.

    Sylla 13/18. Her % attack on this tournamtw is so high !!

  • Wow, Italy really dominated the match, except for part of the second set (both thanks to Turkish effort and Italian errors)!

    I mean, it almost felt like the match vs Cuba was harder (also because yesterday I missed the first set, ended 11-25).

    Turkey actually scored 1 single point more than Cuba each set and, unlike Cuba, Turkey struggled the most in the third.

    [We were playing with Egonu OH and Ortolani Ops, though]

    I'm very, very happy both with the performance and the straight sets victory, I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow match. It would be wonderful to collect more points.

  • Cansu, Zehra and Meryem are 'his' players. If they play good they will get all the credits but if they are not playing good enough, they won't be changed. Because they are 'his' players

    Today there is no reason to continue with Meryem, Zehra and Cansu but that is Guidetti. He won't change them

    what do you mean by his players? Ebrar iş indeed his player from his club, so he could be in favor of her if he is picking a side.

  • I do have a Question

    Will the qualified Top 4 Teams from each Group, take their Points to the next stage Second Round), or do they start all with 0 Points and 0 Wins/defeats again?

    They keep the points but will not play again those teams they already met on phase 1

  • South Korea is too weak, so Russia prevails relatively easy. Kim is clearly not in best shape...

    Germany with clean three set win against Mexico - Bricio looked somewhat tired, no surprise, because Mexico can't substitute a player like her at all. And only with captain Rangel together this is not enough.

  • Many decisions are now already set: in pool A Netherlands and Germany are formally qualified already, Japan has easy living against Kamerun later on to do the same. Pool B sees Italy and China being qualified, and Turkey should have no issues with doing so too tomorrow against Cuba. In pool C everything but the exact order is already clear: Russia, USA, Thailand and Azerbaijan are qualified, while South Korea is already kicked off contention alongside with T&T. Pool D has only Serbia qualified so far, but Brazil should today against Kenya follow them easily.