2018 FIVB World Championship - Japan

  • I watched Japan Vs Netherlands live but started at 21-17 for Japan.... I just watched the highlights now and they actually had 16-10....they could have won that game in 3 sets.... But instead that first set collapse might have cost them a spot in the final 6.

    Tonight BUL and CAN will play for the 4th place...CAM will advance if they beat ARG... If they loose MEX will advance. And of course RUS, USA, CHN, ITA will play for 1st. AZR and THA, JAP and GER for 2nd.

    Serbia can advance without loosing a single set... And next 2 or even 3 games they will remain undefeated as they face CAM or MEX and GER (or Japan) . And they could take the Dutch in 3 as well. I'm just not sure if that would be a good thing to reach the final 6 without get challenged at all. I hope JAP and NED takes them to a 5 set.

  • i don't know what's going on with PUR. santana is having a hard time killing the ball. the coach sends in ortiz, MB, for the double sub. i mean, i understand she's in for blocking but then the setter has one less option for counter-attack.

    They arrived to Japan in the worst possible conditions. That's all. And I didn't like Mieles' choices as well.

    On the other hand, Seilhamer and Morales are pretty difficult to replace.

  • some of these scores are really scary. it just shows you the disparity in men’s and women’s games, and how women’s sports are neglected around the world. arab & muslim countries for example don’t even have women’s teams. and so many countries don’t even support girls’ sports.

    I'm confused here. Arab and muslim countries don't have women's teams?

    In this world championship there's 3 participating muslim "majority" countries... Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

    In Africa, the arab women's teams like Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt are Always some of the best in the continent and qualified on many occasions to the international competitions, including olympics. For the clubs, arab teams are dominating the African champions league.

    In Asia, just recently i saw the Iranian women's national team participating in the AVC Cup by the way.

    So, actually there's some arab & muslim women's teams.

    I don't agree with you about the support... For example the Turkish federation gives the biggest support and priority to it's women's national team, not the men's team. To the women's league, not the men's league.

  • oh please. so i should have said "some" arab & muslim countries.

    it's no secret there's much more support for men's sports in many of those countries, than for women's. where's the teams of QAT or KSA for example? or BRN, OMN, UAE, IRQ? they all send men's teams to the asian champs, but not women's.

    in the recent VNL challenge cup, PAK sent a men's team, but where's their women's team?

    yes, IRN has a women's team, but have you seen what they have to wear in order to compete?

    TUR is the great exception. and the majority of the players in KAZ or AZE are not even muslim. in KAZ's case, it's because they are mostly from the russian/euro minority; and in AZE's case, because they are foreigners.

  • They arrived to Japan in the worst possible conditions. That's all. And I didn't like Mieles' choices as well.

    On the other hand, Seilhamer and Morales are pretty difficult to replace.

    well, one must recognize the great difficulty they have faced after hurricane maria. i even wonder if they are based in the island and train there, or do so in the US.

    i know seilhammer is missed, but venegas is pretty good. but it seems santana is not at her best form, and neither is ocasio.

    i don't understand why this coach sends in otero or ortiz for the double sub, and not noemi santos, for example.

  • just watched the first 2 sets of ITA x TUR. gui really put his head in the sand or something... he puts karakurt in in the middle of 2nd set, and she's playing well, both in attack and in serving, but she's not getting enough sets from ozbay, and then she gets a bad set (from baladin) and makes one error, and he takes her out immediately and puts boz in, who is immediately blocked... oh gui, you dumbass...

  • Busa came in for her.

    It reminds me of Gabiru's injury. 😢

    All Puerto Rico players came the bench to hug Milenkovic after the game and it made her even cry...

    It sucks ...she did so well against Brazil.... I hope she's well and a speedy recovery.