2018 FIVB World Championship - Japan

  • the way TUR is playing they are not going to beat AZE, BUL or THA.

    They won't play Bulgaria again, they already beat them.

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  • Just checked, for every WCH that Russia (and the former Soviet Union) participated in since 1952 (they only missed the 1967 edition), Russia's worst finish was still top 6 (No. 6 in 1982 & 1986 and No. 5 in 2014). They just shine at this tournament. Too bad Goncharova is injured.

  • Startseva is my favorite player ATM omg, she is so classy and such an impactful player. Never have I loved a Russian player this much xD. parubets is doing great, the first Russian quick attacker.

    Turkish commentators know nothing about volleyball, the biggest problem was actually reception, did anyone see how many free balls Russia get? Russia did serve and block very well, Seyma loves being blocked and her reception is worse then Hande. We miss someone like Fatma though who can do dirty work... Bringing Derya but not Tuğba or even Fulden was a big mistake. Just 3 MBs proved to become a problem as many thought. Gio experimented way too much this match btw, such a big match like this; just let your main squad play and go big or home not change everyone after 1 bad set or few bad points.

    Çağla out! And never back in pls, she sets to players at her own height. Cansu sets were bad BCS of reception but Russian attackers kept using he block as well, Naz will be great next year for Turkey.

    It's overs been a good learning experience though all concerns people had about Gio's squad proved to become problematic, no problem focus on playing your best volleyball upcoming matches and improve with the years to come. Turkey is a new made team anyways :) Italy, good example were like TUR a few years ago and now are what looks like the top!

  • I kind of left after the first half but Turkey could improve their block coverage. That might help

  • Congrats russia! Didn't expect a 3-0 win over Turkey. The OHs and Startseva stepped up their game to compensate the absence of Goncharova. Russia's defense in this tournament is also worth mentioning. About Turkey, i think theirs was a case of peaking a bit too early. After their brilliant performance in VNL, expectations were high and this might have put tremendous pressure on them.

  • Turkey flopped real hard, Giovanni though flopped even harder tonight... Çağla Akın a big no no, we miss Naz in this team!

    Funny because I was gonna write that Turkey flopped ....and the same about Guidetti..

    This team is not the team we saw in VNL....this is the team that we have always seen with Polen-Neriman and so on...Guidetti did a terrible job preparing them, if only one player was not playing well that would be one thing...but everyone is not playing well...They have been playing like if they don`t have a purpose to do so.

  • Germany put up some resistance against Brazil in second set, but like in the match against Japan before and at many other occasions against Japan and Brazil their resistance proved being futile. Sorry, that they didn't do better, but the lack of experience of many players and the too feeble block are obvious.