2018 FIVB World Championship - Japan

  • I feel bad for Brazil here. I still don’t think Serbia lost deliberately but obviously they lacked some motivation. Japan played well though, kudos to them :thumbup:

  • Yesss!!! japan won!! :drink::super::flower::obey::win:. If brazil didnt loose their game against Germany, they shouldnt be in this terrible situation. Its only them who can blame themselves and not the other team!!

  • Whatever people say! Japan played well because they are motivated to be in final 6!

  • Serbia men and women are so shady. :lol:

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  • Fingers crossed.... let wait and see if some weird scene really happens on court :whistle:

    just keep a note upon this notion!


    WOW! The Japanese played fabulously, beat the the European champion 3-1! Amazing!! :-)

    If tomorrow the Brazilian win and get 3 points from Japan and is still out of F6, the Brazilian will hate the Serbian team for long to come.

    I wonder if BRA beat JPN 3-1 tomorrow, is it sufficient to get through F6 ??? Or must win 3-0?

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  • Serbian men did the same to France. They ended up empty-handed. Now I wish the worst for Serbian women. They are disgusting human beings.

    Aren’t you the guy who wished serious injury on Kosheleva? :whistle:

  • Absolutely disgusting from Serbia.... Busa received well all first set and all the way in the 2nd until 23 but then all of the sudden she gets aced twice?? No doubt they lost on purpose in order to help Japan. They simply did not put the effort...this kinda of mentality will never win anything....they might end up eating another Silver if they get lucky.........Now I hope Brazil destroy Japan tomorrow in 3 sets just to make them look stupid....and what a bitter sweet if they were to face Brazil again in the Final 6 and just add China in that group.

  • Brazil can still qualify, but must beat Japan 3-0. That way will qualify through points ratio.

  • I should have bet so much money for Japan after the 1-0 lead of Serbia! I was thinking: Ok, Terzic will rest Boskovic and we will see tight ends in every following single set".

    But I didnt bet...;(

    Congrats Japan! The end of the 4th set was just miracuolous! Btw, cant blame Serbia, but the formula. We already knew that Boskovic and/or Brankica needed a rest. After winning one set, Serbia already got what they wanted. They have already lost one "key" player...why should them expose their best guns in a meaningless match? Just in order to avoid critics? If they owned this moments of resting players in the last second round matches, instead of playing for the qualification like almost the other 5 teams, with 2 days in advance, well, it is situation they totally deserved after trashing all thir opponents 3-0. It wasnt free.

    However, I think it will be quite strange if Boskovic plays all the match against the Netherlands.