2018 FIVB World Championship - Japan

  • Italy, win the whole thing! I love their attitude, this is champions mentality. Look at Rafael Nadal, he does not just 'lose' unimportant matches either and tries to win each time he's on court and this is a world championship already... I think I will be rooting for Italy solely this Wch from now on, also they were my dark horse pick before the tournament started and it seems I might turn out to be right :D

    (PS I still like Serbian girls, but I might pass on them this one time as they were slightly shady here lol)

  • Akinradewo's block is not as formidable as it used to be. Not getting challenged enough in the v league stunted her probably. I hope Alhassan's development won't be affected by lack of elite competition over there.

    Block was never her strength, but she really improved under McCutcheon in that element. Hugh made USA's block better in general. Karch focused more on their attacking speed

  • Bartsch is not doing well as Opp either... Larson took her leader role here and helped her team get the set.

  • Does USA really need to set that fast for a slide attack? Akinradewo is not connecting well and she can't jump the way she usually does to whack the ball.

  • Japan could also be on the 1st place. If Japan win 3-0, they'll be on the top of the Pool E, cause they have better points ratio than Netherlands

    I cross the fingers for the Sarina & Erica <3

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    がんばれ 日本!

  • I don’t really know what to say about Serbia. I think this kind of performance will affect them for the rest of the tournament, it’s not easy to forget a match this bad and just get back to top form for the next match. I’ll be surprised if they make it through the F6 now, no matter who they play. I think the injury to Milenkovic was really important. She may not be a massive name, but she was passing well and contributing to the attack, while playing with Malesevic or Busa sometimes looks like playing with only 5 players on the court.

  • Murphy or Lowe seemed more useful as Opp then Bartsch at least from what I'm seeing now... Bartsch can't kill a ball to save her life atm