2018 FIVB World Championship - Japan

  • Busa reception just collapsed in the clutch moments. Not even a high pass from the 20 point on.

    Balkenstein was so determinant in the over time. I didnt expect so much responsability on attack from her in the last points.

  • I think it's time for Malesevic, at the end of the 2nd set Busa was playing for Holland not Serbia.

    Great fighting spirit by NED though.

  • Busa needs a good kill block or something to juice her up ... she looks like she's afraid they might set the ball to her

  • I have no clue why Morrison does those double subs. I know Dijkema is not a good blocker, but Sloetjes is so important for this team that it seems simply stupid to take her off.

  • I thought it touched the floor on the side...

    Anyway, terrible errors by Dijkema in the 18th point by Ned (teo bad sets and an horrible second intention ball), thanks for them Boskovic spiked out...

  • I guess it's because the Italian team was the hot favourite to win the SF against the Chinese team in the 2014 WCH. Moreover the host team already beat CHN in the earlier group match... so who might think the team could beat the host?

    And as usual practice, the tickets were sold out much in advance... the home crowd did think their team would play in the final. So bought already, just enjoyed the match :whistle:

    Well, then we should believe Japan fans didn't even bought in advance the final 6 tickets, because the third day the hall was empty.

    Unless they don't like to waste money...

    I mean, for me this is exactly the point: you should host the competitions in a country that will buy in advance the tickets of the last phases... and then attent its despite the teams playing.