2018 FIVB World Championship - Japan

  • Yesssss!!!! Italy won!!!! :drink::rose::super::box::obey::dance6:Super woman Egonu!!!

  • What a match! Congrats Italy, especially after coming back from that heartbreaking 4th set loss and lots of respect for China for a huge fight. Neither team deserved to lose, but that's just how it goes.

    Can't wait for the final :box:

  • Deserved win by Italy! Congrats! Egonu must be really tired now:white:

  • Egonu is out of this world. Chrinchela and Danesi are the true Chinese Wall... Sylla has improved so so so much, soon she will be one of the very best OH in the world. Malinov is awesome.

    Bring it on... Boskovic Vs Egonu.

  • Congrats to both teams for this nice match and Congrats To Italy and Egonu :obey: go and get the gold girl! you deserve it !

    I liked Sylaa,Danesi,De Gennara and generally whole Italian team as well..

    MBs Yuan,Yan and Zhu played a good match..Changning was a big disappointment..Li Ying Ying is a talented player and will help China in a nera future

  • I think we can't blame Egonu for any of the errors she made near the end! Far from perfect sets, pressure, killed 40 other balls.... And yet she managed to keep killing balls until the end! Respect for Egonu!!! Also Danesi, a player I always critique but today I gotta give it to her as well. De Gennaro also.

    Congrats team Italy, after losing that close set 4 I was having bad feelings but they completely proved they deserve the final most here :super:Coming back in that tiebreak like that must not be that easy!

  • Wow, Egonu just announced that she is on the same level as Boscovic and Zhu Ting now, she can carry her team to medal matches! Props to De Genarro, I don't think anyone else can cover and dig Zhu Ting that well and that often. She and Bosetti are the unsung heroes of the floor. Everyone else was firing at all angles. I'm so happy for this Italian team!

  • Egonu is very tired..Italy may need a plan B against Serbia...i like Tijana adn Raşiç however i think Italy deserves the gold but they will have to show it against another tough opponent once again..it wont be easy bcz Egonu has done her best todat and is really tired

  • btw..i couldnt watch Serbia vs Netherlands..congrats to the Serbian team...seems it was a close match..Serbia made too many mistakes..the number of mistakes ofthe Dutch team is better..Serbia seems to have made the difference with its attack power and block..good game by Raşiç..

  • Oh my... I'm still shaking a bit, guys...

    The second part of the match was simply amazing, both in level (imho higher that the first part of the match) and agonism, and of course suspence...

    We won and lost this match I don't know how many times, from that come back in the 4th set to wasting a 14-12 advantages after a great block and a great ace (like in the come back of the 4th, by coincidence) and other match points... it was all a rollercoaster, and I must say that – despite being amazed by Chinese effort and resilience and courage – we deserved to won this match, and for the path in this WCh we deserved to be in the final... of course, it China would have won, same would have been true for them, but unfortunately there's only one champion, and we know it wasn't playing in this match :P

    Losing this match after all the match points we had (5? 6?) would have broke my heart, any way. And I don't even want to imagine what the girls would have felt...

    Moki was my MVP today :heart: She's amazing.

    Paola has to bring pastries for her ball spiked on her feet, btw :lol:

    About tomorrow, I think Serbia has equal or better players in every position, except libero and probably second OH.

    But, in volleyball wins who plays better, not who's stronger, so I hope we will play our best match ever to put them in real troubles!

    I hope we won't be too emotionally drenched...

  • im checking the stats currently..its weird Yuan Xinyue had no blocks though China was better at the number of blocks :what:..Yan Ni had 6 blocks..Yuan got 30 balls,Yan had 19

    Chinese wings except ZHu were having problems killing the balls : Changning, Gong and Ying Ying

    Sylla has announced that she will be the titular from now on...Italy has offensively a second OH problem (Bosetti had 9 points)..88 sets to Egonu is crazy!

  • I would be grateful if someone we'll post a link of the game with the post-match as well: Rai was transmitting on our second channel (not the sport one) and because the match finished so late they had to cut the transmission just when the teams were greeting each other under the net... But I would love to see all the tears of joy, and the photo and so on ^^