China volleyball Sunday from Beijing to Italy

  • Chinese team setter Wei Qiuyue return to team must strengthen Chinese team strength,

    Italy station opponent is very strong, we must go to all lengths,

    Hope Chinese team can achieve good results,Go China :love: :love: :love:

  • China honestly can fight for second place in the group, tai as unpredictable and could lose even by Dominican .. But I wish them luck against Italy and Brazil :super:

  • :heart: :heart: We Chinese team are most afraid of Brazil,Each haven't you feel to lose.

    Remember last year when Russia Brazil,Russia's No. eight against Brazil roar,

    Good air. hahahhaaaaaaaaa

  • can you please in English

  • I do not know where you can reply to you say,Do you want me to teach you to learn Chinese ah ha ha
    Dear friend

  • No thank you, but at least have some communication in English :win: