Women's Top Volley International 2014

  • Antonijevic is a great setter but she played 5 years with ravva, so she had plenty of time to know how to set her perfectly. Apitz is hère just since october and she improved a lot since the first game. Yesterday she have really good and fast set to Ravva. She had some really good moves too.
    And Ravva, 39 years olds, 3 games in 2 days and she is still rocking it! Amazing. I guess she was really motivated for this tournament.
    Grothues as opposite didn't work well in offense but it improve a lot their defense game.
    Faucette is still injured, don't know What happend to Ebata. Maybe she was just sick. Hope nothing serious.

  • Antonjevic is a great setter. No doubt about that :wavy:
    Vicca ? Yes very motivated and really amazing but it probably was the last Basel tournament of her player career.
    Ebata ? The mystery remains.
    Volero ? A good team but on Saturday Osasco was out of shape (the travel I guess). So difficult to imagine the result for today. A close game probably like Cannes / Osasco yesterday.

  • For rc Cannes, Ebata was ill.
    In a french news paper Fang was saying that without main scorer they had to play really as a team. That the defense is really important for him. He prefers having all around player (even of they are small) than tall players who can only attack.

    Ravva also said that it was maybe not the best choice to stop her carrer now playing like this. She is really having a lot of fun this year.

    Against Galatasaray, wopat was so good! 12/16!!! I didn't expect her to be that good in attack!

  • Quote

    Ravva also said that it was maybe not the best choice to stop her carrer now playing like this. She is really having a lot of fun this year.

    No problem! Maybe she'll decide not to retire :)

    She and RC Cannes are fun to watch when they're on

  • Volero Zürich – Galatasaray Daikin Istanbul 3:0 (25:22, 25:22, 25:20)

    St. Jakobshalle, Basel. – 3‘500 Zuschauer. – SR: Rodriguez (ESP) / Miklosic (SLO). – Spieldauer: 82 Minuten.

    Volero: Ninkovic (8 Punkte), Thompson (1), Mammadova
    (6), Kupriianova (6), Rykhliuk (22), Rabadzhieva (18 ), Popovic (L);
    Granvorka (1), Grbac (2), Sanchez Perez, Unternährer.

    Galatasaray: Centoni (17 Punkte), Meijners (8 ),
    Yurtdagülen (3), Gamze Alikaya, Bosetti (12), Kalac (4), Nihan
    Güneyligil (L); Güc (1), Dumanoglu, Ayse Melis Aydinlar, Nursevil

    Partizan Vizura Belgrad – Molico/Nestlé 1:3 (21:25, 18:25, 27:25, 24:26)

    St. Jakobshalle, Basel. – 2‘800 Zuschauer. – SR: Grieder (SUI) / Sokol (POL). – Spieldauer: 111 Minuten.

    Belgrad: Rankovic (11 Punkte), Kocic (11), Boškovic
    (26), Lozo (1), Savic (4), Mirkovic (4), Stepanovic (L); Aleksic (3),
    Lazovic, Busa, Cirovic.

    Molico: Xavier (2 Punkte), Carcaces (3), Thaisa Menezes
    (20), Nascimento (23), Almeida (11), Adenizia Silva (14), Brait (L);
    Filomeno (2), Souza (5), Steinbrecher.

    Galatasaray Daikin Istanbul – RC Cannes 0:3 (23:25, 22:25, 14:25)

    St. Jakobshalle, Basel. – 4‘000 Zuschauer. – SR: Wolf (SUI) / Labasta (CZE). – Spieldauer: 79 Minuten.

    Galatasaray: Bosetti (4 Punkte), Ayse Melis Aydinlar
    (3), Centoni (12), Meijners (12), Yurtdagülen (3), Gamze Alikaya (2),
    Nihan Güneyligil (L); Dumanoglu, Nusevil Aydinlar (1), Güc (5), Kalac

    Cannes: Van de Wyer (2 Punkte), Bursac (7), Wopat (14), Lazic (1), Zom (10), Ravva (13), Ortschitt (L); Grothues (8 ), Apitz.

    RC Cannes – Molico Osasco 2:3 (32:30, 25:21, 18:25, 23:25, 9:15)

    St. Jakobshalle, Basel. – 2‘000 Zuschauer. – SR: Schürmann (LIE) / Di Ciacomo (BEL). – Spieldauer: 137 Minuten.

    Cannes: Apitz (3 Punkte), Bursac (20), Onyejekwe (9),
    Grothues (6), Tom (18 ), Ravva (19), Ortschitt (L, 1); Wopat (3), Lazic,
    Van de Vyver.

    Molico: Xavier (6 Punkte), Carcaces (10), Thaisa
    Menezes (23), Ivna Nascimento (11), Almeida (12), Adenizia Silva (15),
    Brait (L); Gabriella Souza (6), Steinbrecher (2), Filomeno, Dani Lins,
    Aline Silva.

  • God! I can't stand watching GsD. How many errors, especially attacking errors did they commit in the last two sets? Meijners is probably ending her career soon because that is unconcentrated she is. I hope the managers will watch these matches and make 1 or 2 good transfers because with this team, there is no way that they will finish the league in top 4.

  • RCC :cheesy: A good game for the spirit of the team !
    And now the final : a lot of things depend on Rabadzhieva and Mammadova 8)

  • What happened to Mammadova? She is so far from What she used to be? I know last year she was injured but she is tall, she has super long arms... i guess she could do more than that in attack.
    I don't see Volero in final4 if Mammadova can't step her game up.
    In the other hand, rabadzieva is playing much better than in Galatasaray! They should have keep milhajlovic in the team to try to win CL.

  • Also Rabadzhieva was really good in play-offs last year against Vakifbank. Galatasaray had to keep her and as far as I know she wanted to stay as well.

  • Well i don't remember seeing a great rabadzieva last year in turkey. But I didn't saw the play off of the league.
    Why did she left if she wanted to stay? Gala was not satisfied with her? Her manager gold her to sing for volero?

    I agree Tunc. Rabadzhieva started the season bad in GsD last season, then got injured and took a really long time to recover totally. However she and Saori made a great duo and almost pushed Vakifbank out of the finals (remember that Gamze, the setter got injured while GsD was leading 2-0 in that game). I think the main reason for Rabadzhieva leaving is the budget. GsD has a much lower budget this season, probably same or lower than most teams ranked 4-8 in the league. However Rabadzhieva-Saori duo was far better than Meijners-Bosetti.

  • Yes Rabadziheva was really bad last season in Turkey, but with the start of the play offs she was really good and as i mentioned before GsD was about to kick off Vakifbank. Remember they won 3-0 against vakifbank and almost 3-2 in the second match. Now she is getting better and better, i see volero in f4 maybe as host or maybe as normal qualified participant.
    Rabadzieva was rented for Rabita baku and Galatasaray from Volero, i think this season volero wanted her in her ''real'' club and she signed an other 5 year contract.
    Thats the best thing that i love from volero, they sign with the players not onl 1 year or 2 year contract they sign more and they have no problems to rent the players like Onnenejkewe Carcases rabadzieva mammadova ...