2015 World Cup - Japan - 9/8

  • Canada is playing really poor in Japan. Dunno reason for that but today Hoag totally missed tactics with Schneider and Duff. It was hard to watch that one player is destroying them, Abdelhay scored 36 pts (34/48 in attack) :obey: Perrin and Hoag were really shaky on reception.. I doubt they can do some damage to the top teams..

  • Is there some live stream link fo Pol-Rus

  • Blimey, Muserskiy blocked two times in a row by Kurek! :D He's playing well today, serving good, attacking... As well as Buszek, surprisingly good. Solid Łomacz.

    Is there some live stream link fo Pol-Rus

    I gave it earlier

  • Mihaylov really performs better as OPP. Vlasov is holding up pretty well in the dtarting six do far.. Wasn't able to watch the match from the beginning but did Grankin ever play at all?

  • Thx bella and LeeParkHun I am on my phone and only the youtube link is working for me

  • Tetyukhin is, I must say, beyond everything. First class. I think Dima is not feeling well on this position, at least not today. It's not normal for him to be blocked so many times. Maxim looks as if he was not in his element as well.

    Monster match so far, not necessarily in technical aspect but surely in terms of excitement, with tight endings...

  • Russia's young MB Vlasov and Kurkaev shows lots of promise but still inconsistent and keeps making silly mistakes. Mikhaylov and Musersky just look so uncomfortable in their position. Unfortunately Tetyukin just cant kill balls. For the 3rd set I hope they put Musersky back to Middle and let Poletaev play opposite.

  • Poland showed better game in this third set, with a great Kurek killihng every ball. He's playing really well! Beside I'm loving Kubiak's smart shots, he's the player that gives balance to the team.
    On the contrary, if Kurek looks comfortable in his position Muserskiy doesn't..
    Now Mikhaylov OPP, Muserskiy MB and Ilinykh in..

  • If Poland can keep that level on serve/reception there is no way for Russia to win this.

    Muserski is back to MB and Mikhailov to OP. Grankin for Butko. Lets see if Block/defense gets improved now for Russia....

  • This young Japan team is so good! Very technical skills. The baby from from Modena is classy. They are digging like the WNT and giving the power their ladies lack to be consistent against everyone.

    We are collecting service mistakes. But we made many aces as well. We are on the edge of service.

  • Great comeback by Poland in the fourth set, but too many errors by the russian team. Every ball that Kurek touched became a point, but I think Kubiak and Buszek made a nice match.
    Russia looked better with Mikhaylov as OPP but they're lacking in OH position, with Tetyukhin that made two or three mistakes helping Poland to come back and Ilynikh or Sivozhelez that are not contributing.

  • First look on provisional stats shows that Poland blocked better and, very importantly, got more digs than Russia. Another effect of letting Muserskiy/Mikhailov play "out of position"? It seems so.....

  • Wow. That was huge. Despite all the mistakes and poor moments from both sides. Kurek was unstoppable plus he stopped himself Russians like a few times :D I have seen already the score 2:0 and then challenge saved us giving a chance for 1:1 :obey: I have a few favourite moments from this match. Kurek blocking Muserskiy. Fabian saving the ball, setting it in the same time and almost hitting the post near to the second ref. Amazing comeback in fourth set. Kubiak's cunning serve in Antiga style. Huge ace by Buszek in the end of match. Entering of Możdżonek as a replacement of Nowakowski (I think this is the favourite of the favourites :D). Plus the guy who was operating the challenge system and distracting me :D

    I hope that Gregor Łomacz will be totally fine. He was playing solid when this awful injury happened.

  • Again a demolition from the service line. 3-1 for us. Japanise setter basically could not set from the third game. When you could Japan was a very good team.