• Hello everyone. I'm from Poland I love volleyball as much as you do. I read the forum sometimes and I think it's time for sharing my opinions with other users :)
    I like men's and women's volleyball. My fav national men teams: Canada, Australia, USA. Women: Poland, USA, China. I don't have favourite volleyball club, I like the clubs which include most of my favourite players ;)

  • Welcome to the forum :drink: :flower:

  • Hello :D nice to see another member from Warsaw here :thumbsup: I live in capital of Poland too ^^

    enjoy time spending here :wavy:

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  • Cześć :wavy: ;)
    Hope you won't stop on reading the forum only. Talkative people are nicely appreciated here ;) And though I like and truly appreciate any person here, doesn't matter where he/she is from, always great to see fellow countryman :drink:
    So, nothing more to add, just have fun! ;)

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