2015 FIVB World League

  • Hahaha, the constant shouts from the French bench (maybe from the US bench as well, they didn't show it) made me believe they were calculating points till the very last seconds. They figured out it is an outcome that eliminates Brazil and qualifies both teams, so I am pretty sure that's the reason for the sudden level drop at the end of the 4th set. Well, after all, both Americans and French can do their math well :) Brazil is now officially out!

  • USA , France and Poland qualified to the semifinals.

  • I'm wondering where is old, good Mika? Buszek starts matches instead of him and I'm sure without Mika at good form we will have many difficulties in next matches. I didn't hear about any injury.

  • Congratulations Srbija! I'm really glad that you made it to semifinals, our Slavic brothers :drink:

    I'm quite satisfied that we are on the first place, but anyway both teams from opposite group are really strong. Game against United Stanes would just mean end of our journey, but France NT is dangerous too. We will see tomorrow, how both teams will recover from loss.

  • And I did. You aren't from Poland, are you?

    I am. I didn't hear. What happened with him?

    About yesterday matches, no doubt both matches sold, Poles and Americans chosed who they want. Americans punched Brazil giving this only one set that France only needed just because Brazil is the biggest rival in volleyball in all American continent for USA, as well as Italy for Poland. Also revange Americans for lose with Brazil at the beggining of this finals. Poland and Italy... Hmmm... As far I know last year Poland needed little help from Italy to be in final six, but Italy lost easily to Brazil and let Brazil go to finals depite Brazil was theoretically stronger than Poland, depite Italy won with Brazil in last edition. Just they didn't care, we needed only two sets, so I think our players didn't care about them this year. Brutal sides of sport.

  • Both games finished very "surprisingly" :D. All teams took what they needed to qualify.
    Anyway, I think France and USA will win today and hopefully France will take the gold tomorrow. A team coming from div2, winning the WL would be awesome.

  • Big punishment for Brazil in front of Brazilian fans. They wanted to use "theoretically" the most comfortable conditions and have one day break between match time. It's warning for organizers in next year! Remember, it's better to play everyday than being one day out of game while others team can mock you. They were angry Poland as organizer used this one day break in WCH. But sorry Brazil, Poland won all matches in death group then and not let others to decide about themselves. You lost 3-1 with France and these "comfortable conditions" ended your participation in tournament. If you decide about "comfortable conditions" you must be 100% sure you will win all matches.

  • seems to me the Usa is the better team amongst the teams to win the trophy..i give the least chance to Serbia...

    possibility to win : Usa>France>Poland>Serbia

    BTW: id like to see a brand-new winner rather than usa.. :)

  • Hopefully it will be replay of final in WL 2012 Poland-USA

    What have changed since 2012?

    USA is defending WL champion from last year. New talents like Sander, Jaeschke. Finally new great setter Christenson after retired Ball.
    Serbia has more mature players who grew up like Atanasijevic, Lisinac.
    Framce is better team mentally
    Poland is WCH

  • When I saw the group breakout before the Final 6 started, I was a little surprised. The Pool winners from the Intercontinental round are in the same pool? Plus, the Group 2 Winner, have they seen France this year and last year?
    So, Brazil basically screwed themselves, put all of the hard teams in our Pool. If Serbia or Italy was in their group, they would have won a match and probably gotten to the semifinals.

    The FIVB should have put the group winners in opposite pools of the Final 6, and the 2nd place teams from the Intercontinental round be in the other pool, so Poland would not play USA and Serbia not play Brazil in the round robin. Italy and Group 2 Winner would be drawn to place them into a Pool.

    FIVB usually gives the host a chance to pick who they want to play and when. Japanese women usually arrange to play their toughest match last in their tournaments. Hopefully by having a better record to encourage TV viewership.

  • With all my respect for Serbian national team and their power of services but last point of Poland-Serbia match was radiculous. Zatorski in cabaret, couldn't rexeive slight serve. Antiga with saying "we play good" on time-out. And the best of all... We're playing point by point and Antiga suddenly takes off Drzyzga with Kurek and weak Konarski with Łomacz in and keeping them to the end of match. Konarski's first attack was radiculous, reaching ball like he wants to throw it to heaven and doesn't want to touch Serbians finger. And innocent smiles at the end of match. I hope neither Poland nor USA will be punished for dirty game.

    I only can imagine how much money they won? They' already woke up and laugh to bank account.

    I saw in Jovovic's eyes smile like want to explode. They are amazing. Eliminated Russia by losing with Australia and now? :thumbsup:

  • I just want to point out that to me there was a sudden level drop only at the end of both matches. You have to be crazy to think they got money out of this or that they knew how both games would end yesterday morning, for instance. USA and France showed superb volleyball for three and a half sets, Poland and Serbia for maybe four. It was also extremely natural for Antiga to play with the subs in the tie-break, the two sets they had won secured them the first position. What I wanted to say is that both France and Serbia battled hard for their sets and were a bit lucky with the final outcome due to various circumstances. France, for example, were almost surely going back home with the Americans serving for the match in the third set. It wasn't a set they took for granted.

    Yes, I totally agree the hosts should think twice when they take a day off before the semis. Maybe Brazil were confident they would beat both teams in the group and would only be spectators on Friday. However, we know Brazil have used the same tactics (choosing opponents) before, so what goes around comes around some day. Also, remember the match with Iran last year in Florence :)

    Last, I have a question. Are the Frenchmen going to end up 9th despite their final standing in Rio? Theoretically, their position has already been established once they beat Bulgaria in Varna. The same happened to Australia last year, right?

  • Brazil is the last country that has a right to complain about match fixing. Remember the world championship in Italy. :down:
    Does this result opens the door for Leal? It will be a very controversial call, very likely create much dispute in Brazil .
    Juantorena-Italy is somewhat logical but still can be discussed in terms of meaning of nationality . Osmany has been living in Italy for 9 years, spent his best years in Italian league, hasn't been part of Cuban national team since 2005.
    Leal-Brazil is questionable. Yoandry,MVP of Brazilian league, spent his last 5 years in Brazil, has a Brazilian wife? but very recently gained citizenship .
    For me Leon-Poland is unethical right now.I can't understand how he gained Polish passaport so easily. He has no association with Polish volleyball family so far, even doesn't know the Polish language.
    It is so important because it will changed the entire balance in mens volleyball.