European Championship 2017 Azerbaijan&Georgia

  • I watched again the match (amazing the amount of stuff you can notice) and here's a few considerations:

    -first of all, congratulations to the Netherlands for playing a perfect match

    -Malinov missing was a gigantic black hole on court, it's obvious there was a pretty big synch problem between our setter everyone else, especially the MBs (for the few times the reception was decent enough to actually be able to use them), but I cannot blame the poor girl as she did the best she could

    -I have to take back all the good words I had for the Bosettis during the WGP final, today it was simply unbearable to watch

    -Pietrini needs to join the NT asap

    -Chirichella is not a good choice as captain

  • Well, in that case based on the team performances and stability, reliability I go on to predict gold for SRB; silver - NED and bronze - RUS with the level of confidence: 80% :D

    Let's see if any real upset does happen, think the remaining teams' own fans here will eagerly expect so... though I simply say based on hard facts killing off all funs :P

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  • It the same of the WGP minus Malinov and Sylla not by choice, plus Tirozzi and Cambi to replace them...

    And who cares about WGP? Brazil, which has better competition there than in CSV continental tournament, and Japan, which hosts it almost always. China sends the B team every F6. USA Team doesn't care a lot since few years. Maybe Serbia? ?(

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  • 2nd point and already the Azeri linesmen make me angry :roll:

    Thank God the referee has enough experience to make his own call.

    Get ready for a lot of this today, rooting for Germany and I really hope Germany wins at least 3-1 bcs I can't see them win in tiebreaker vs Azerbaijan in Azerbaijan :rolll:

  • That looked in for Germany. :wall:

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  • The home team took the 1st set, they served really well, It sucks that Dürr has to cover Fromm in passing, I think her range is too large and it caused those passing errors.
    Rahimova has been a monster thus far, in fact I love how she spikes, that's not something you easily see in women's volleyball.

  • WOW! Polina Rahimova AZE #17 is tough to deal with for the GER team.... the Uzbekistan born tall player (1.98 m) is AZE version of Boskovic :D

    Wonder why this AZE team rarely play outside CEV tournaments... hardly seeing them play against the top Asian teams.

    Good that they will play in the 2018 WCh :thumbsup: wanna see how good they are there!

    "The majority of men are not capable of thinking, but only of believing and are not accessible to reason but only to authority." -­ Arthur Schopenhauer