European Championship 2017 Azerbaijan&Georgia

  • Hande Baladın is the future of this team so she should always have the chance to play and should play with a better focus on crucial points..i believe she can do what Voronkova does for Russia.imo,she is a more talented player than Voronkova.
    Mbs were good...Naz should play more through the MBs for the next matches considering Boz doenst seem to lead to the this team

  • Frolova is there to sustain Kosheleva's energy and free her from reception and attack exclusively on the first rally. Unfortunately for Kosheleva... receiving has been the worst aspect of her career in recent years. Frolova will probably start until Kosheleva improves on her reception or someone better than her is able to receive in a two-person passing unit while remaining an attacking and blocking force.

    Kosianenko can just be a part of the coaching staff if she want to impart her experience and leadership abilities. She's a liability from blocking, setting, digging etc. since a few years and counting. :white:

    "Improves her reception" must be a joke. Kosheleva is not a newbie or someone who started playing volleyball in her late teens (examples of the latter: Ilya Vlasov, Dima Ilinykh, Sergei Baranov). She's been playing since 12 or 13 y.o. and went through all "classes" of the sports school. So, she has already improved her reception by now and not going to improve in her late 20s; at this age players may improve at aspects like service (which she did - she's jump-floating now) and work with the block and tipping. Also, she's got quite long legs, which doesn't help receiving well (no joke intended). In many ways, she's a white elephant of the team, as long as the opponent smartly destroys the two-people reception (set 2 in the Ukraine game). By the way, Kosheleva's face looks a bit unusual at this Euro, as if she's sick or so.

    Pankova accused of being fat is another joke. She's from a sports family: her late mom was - I think - an Olympic champ, her dad is a coach and her little brother is a starter with Zenit-SPb. That is, she knows well she needs to be fit from her early days. Now, she's got married... guys, do you realise she will never get fitter than what she is now? Whatever we say or do, that's her very best :). I disagree only regarding her digging- she's a good defender overall. Her serving was OK too.

    Frolova's digging/defense impressed me a lot but she's completely impotent against the organised block. Her Yenisey team-mate Peretiatko (Ukr setter) ate Frolova completely in the first game. I am not against short OHs but short doesn't always mean unable to work with the block: there are block-outs, tips and tactical offense - but not for her. Essentially a libero. Don't get me wrong I really appreciate her coordination and she does a good job for Yenisey... but cynically speaking, she is 30 now, won't grow any taller and that bizarre position when she is in four and Pankova is in two is always going to be a trouble. What on Earth is she doing in the NT in the post-Olympic year (when younger players can be given a chance)? This is as ridiculous as bringing Sivozhelez and Spiridonov into the NT back in 2013, which I was very critical about. People who would clearly not help at the Olympics/WCh although both very able players, nice chaps.

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    I will keep my word and not discuss endlessly with you, now I am displacing my promise to myself with one more message but this is the end with you for a while. Regardless, first of all it is your - in my opinion very ignorant - way of arguing I am highly concerned about since I believe it is troubling for this forum, rather than the content in itself.

    I will just further explain what I refered to by coming with my accusations. I simply do not think you are a person that would be very counstructive to debate with, this was what I aimed at in my previous post and to repeat it, this general abstraction regarding your personality and way of behaving, not to disprove you concerning the specific detail regarding whether the ball was in or not. For me, this is a forum to share different view-points par excellence, where each person has a legit right to put down their perspective and to arrive at the truth or personal gain (ie to win the debate) is secondary to the digging and sharing in itself. But this, to me, seems to not be the case in the world of powsoff, and your reaction in that particular post was pretty telling when you said "Everybody understands the ball was out", which goes to say your subjective opinion virtually serves as an absolute in this very non-objective matter (since we were not given any answer from the challange system or else) just as the prophet Muhammads word in the koran goes as the key to open the endless doors of enigma of afterlife is wrapped into for a believer in the islamic faith. In my opinion we have different opinions given the fact our perspectives might be seperated, not as a cause of any black or white "either she is fat or she is not" - there is no inbetween or twillight zone - this particular "either you are with me regarding the ball on the fall or you are wrong" kind of narrowed-down type of logic, which seems to permeate your arguments. Simply, how could we drive any argumentation further, and excel in our learning process of the game, build our knowledge, which must be the purpose for us all here, if some people are only concerned about proving themselves right at any cost, no matter how trivial the issue or detail, or at the expense of to dispel any consensus view. For powsoff, there seems to be an end in itself to impose quarrel and battle, to challange in a duel for the sake of challange, to descredit potential threats, where it for most others merely represent a lifeline they might be forced into. Also, what I wanted to get at before was this intimidation through a bizarre level of footnote-knowledge and academic argot used as a tool to put dissents down, which albeit sometimes useful in some way serves as no less than counter-productive off-putting in a sphere where cultural capital is not a prerequisite - to use a term from Bourdieu - for the counterpart in an argument with the self-appointed volleyball god Powsoff, despite all the grandeur shining from him. And of course, if the purpose would not be intimidation to create monopoly in some spheres of the forum it could be seen in an entirely different light. Well, for me monopoly is entirely useless in places such as these.

    I do believe you could be an top-notch contributor to this forum, which already now is high, since your level of data programmed into your mind, the base of knowledge so to say, seems to be an infinite resource and I have absorbed it with great pleasure, just as many others probably have. Regarding depth of insight in the eastern ex Soviet-block there is no doubt you are the undisputed top dog or master here, the rest is only puppets succumbed to a great Socrates. Also, it was wrong by me to attack your type of writing, since your english is both exquisetely well-written in both grammar as well as in terms of vocabulary, which rather should be praised if anything. However, most people are here to share a passion, to have fun, my subjective point is that this cannot be ignored in favour of "intellectual games" or with an attitude of an intimidating know-all wiseacre, justified by the fact it would slowly die out in activity whereby the incentive to speak is undermined in favour of a grand elite or cremme de la cremme clique of people writing entirely conceived, formal, carefully non-dissectable things to each other one times a week and the utterly bleak boringness from such an outcome. The notion opinions are not interchanable with facts is to me a sacred principle. I understand you rate depth of knowledge and intelligence high on your value scale, but regardless of if the person you are interacting with do possess something of this sort or not, for me this might not be the primary case in such a place as this, if it was, I can assure you the passion and pleasure of it for most people would be lost just as easily as water from a raincoat.

  • Thanks, that was very useful indeed. To address the substantive part of the query, my logic behind the decision that was a football and not an in ball is the following.

    As long he gives Rus a point, the Ref is right. Firstly, we're talking about a single touch, i.e. the ball either hit the libero's foot or hit the floor and the foot at the same time. The trajectory on the video has only one point of contact, and the sound would have been very different otherwise - a pro ref would've distinguished unmistakably. The video obviously presents a side projection with fps - as has been pointed out above - being a bit to low to examine the contact in detail. (Also, the camera would need to be positioned quite low to pick this up). However what the video shows is that the lowest point of the trajectory is well overlapping with the libero's left foot, i.e. it is clearly not in front of the foot, as viewed from the camera's point. One may say this doesn't prove the ball hit the foot as the video is just a side projection and the ball could have hit the floor to the side of the foot. True. However, in this case it would then bounce off the floor and fly in a different direction, whereas it flew immediately back to the Tur side. Lastly, and sorry if I sound boring, the mathematical chance of the ball hitting the foot and bouncing back in one touch is much higher than the chance of hitting the foot and the floor at the same time and bouncing back. Check it out.

  • today's Bulgaria match has a crucial importance..

    Bulgaria has three weapons.Dobriana deals with reception but she can attack as well.main offensive weapon is Vasileva and Nikolova.Vasileva should be the target coming down to serves

    i think Naz should use Boz more on zone 6..she seemed better attacking on zone 6.i hope Neriman could save some energy for today's match in 14 hours.The middles are good enough .they should be used as much as possible.

    Hande and Güldeniz should be involved in case the starting OHs dont do well enough

    a tough match is in front of us...if this match is lost then this may put more pressure on the girls in Ukraine match..

  • Who is turkey's captain?

  • Just watched the scene in question of TUR-RUS since I couldn't watch the match yesterday...

    First of all, reading about all the drama I thought it had happened towards the end of the set when it was tight and not at 14:10. Then, for me it's really impossible to tell if the ball hit the ground or Tretyakova's foot. I watched on Youtube with 0.25 speed, in the first angle it looks like it was clearly on the ground, in the second angle it looks like it was clearly on her foot. So if it's impossible to tell for sure in slowmotion, how is the referee supposed to always make the right decision in realtime?

    And hats off to Mokry for not allowing Guidetti to put up his show :obey: A referee can make mistakes just as every player and coach does. Just accept it and keep playing!

  • i wonder why Guidetti didnt ask for a video challenge check for that position or vc was asked in that uproar ?
    and most importantly it was more than a lost point..the score went to 16-10 out of nothing with that red card etc..
    however i agree that you cant/mustnt stop playing unless the referee whistles

  • btw..isnt it ridiculous that you play your first match at 19:30 local time (even 20:00 or 20:30 with the delay) then the next day you have to play at 15:30??

    how can the players get some rest in that short time ?

    my first day predictions were : 5 corrects ,1 incorrect
    second day : 1 correct, 5 incorrects :lol:

  • I wish Hande started as Opp. I know she was bad yesterday however Polen gets blocked too often already for my likings against Bulgaria who is not neccessarily a good blocking team unlike Russia yesterday.

  • btw..isnt it ridiculous that you play your first match at 19:30 local time (even 20:00 or 20:30 with the delay) then the next day you have to play at 15:30??

    how can the players get some rest in that short time ?

    They've got two groups playing at the same venue, half of the games went into tie-breaks. Ukraine had the same problem yesterday vs Bulgaria when their opp was literally static after the five-setter vs Russia the day before and the whole team just ran out of power in set 4. Bulgaria doesn't look bad by the way - although the game is far not over.