European Championship 2017 Azerbaijan&Georgia

  • Dream team

    S : Dijkema

    OPP : Sloetjes
    MB : Veljkovic, Erdem
    OH : Buijs, Mihajlovic
    L : V.Mammadova
    MVP : Boskovic

  • Dijkema as best setter is pathetic

  • Finally it is time for club season.( I don't watch females in regular league season, the men's leagues are more exciting) :win:

    Regarding German Bundesliga you are definitely wrong: there are good reasons, why Sport1 decided to air women's matches and not men't matches of Bundesliga volleyball in the season immanent.

  • Zivkovic played way better than Djikema at least during the playoffs.

  • Sloetjes best OPP? Rahimova was robbed!

    Exactly!! Moreover to think that AZE is the host... just look at the Japanese team in the recent WGCC for such award :D

    My Poor Polina Rahimova.... she should have gotten that award!!

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  • If we look at that that way, it is a team work so Tijana was great because of the sets, the sets because of the passing and etc..
    Zivkovic was boring

    The award is called "best setter", not "most entertaining setter". If you put Zivkovic in Thailand team she'll probably look lost, but for Serbia she gets the job done alright. I think Serbia with Tomkom as setter would look rather weird as well...

  • Since one year now continental championships and therefore also European championships doesn't count anymore for world ranking. But it's outcome will have considerable influence on the European ranking, which is important for setting teams also for world qualification tournaments in Europe.

  • Volero Zürich

    Is she staying? It was said only Antonjevic was staying.

    But what a waste will be for them to have both of them in the team once the Swiss League is weak and with a weaker roster they wont be winning anything at all in CL and Club Championship.

    Antonjevic and Zivkovic could be really good in Italy and Turkey. They could make a big difference for the weaker teams.

  • I don't get why CEV doesn't give MVP award and player's own position award at the same time. It is just ridiculous not to declare Boskoviç as best OPP and more ridiculous to call Sloetjes as best Opp while you have Rahimova :aww:

    Naz didn't show her best performance but she was pretty good against Russia and Azerbeijan. She deserved it more than Dijkema for sure. On the other hand, I agree with libero award Korotenko deserved although she wasn't as spectacular as before. Good choices with MB and OHs.

  • Congratulations for all finalist of ECH! :flower:
    Quite interesting both matches today :drink:

  • This is super stupied, so that means that in Dream team their is NO place for MVP because She is not the best OPP. How stupied this can be.
    And my God just imagine this reception with Bujis-Mihajlovic duo LMAO.

  • This is super stupied, so that means that in Dream team their is NO place for MVP because She is not the best OPP. How stupied this can be.
    And my God just imagine this reception with Bujis-Mihajlovic duo LMAO.

    I also feel bad about the defensive OHs in both teams. Both Maleseviç and Groutheus were the unsung heros and they are never declared as best OHs in dream teams. Maybe offensive and defensive OHs should be named seperately. For instance one reward to the best receiver OH and one award to the OH with best attacking ratios :whistle:

  • :cup:
    Even though I'd of course prefer a 3-0 win for the sake of my nerves, it's good that the Dutch fought hard and managed to win a set, there have been far too many thrashings in this tournament already. There are always going to be a lot of nerves in the final, but the both teams managed to provide a good account of themselves, and in general, everyone got their position at the podium absolutely deservedly.

    I don't know what there is more to be said about Bošković, she's a class above any other player in this competition. Not only is her ability to make kill shots out of totally desperate sets really unbelievable, she's also become such a good all-around player. She's an excellent blocker, she's more than adequate in defence for someone of her size and she had a very good eye for the game. Only her serve is a bit inconsistent still, but when it's good, it's really good.

    As for Živković, she used the MBs quite a bit and with a lot of success right until the semis. I don't know what happened yesterday against Turkey, but almost all her sets to both Veljković and Stevanović became awful and neither could score, at one point Terzić even told her to stop forcing it if it's not working and look for other options. And frankly, with a player like Bošković in such a good form, almost every setter would use her as much as possible. I think she did an alright job, all things considered. And so did Blagojević - I admit I was skeptical at first, but in the end, Popović's absence didn't really make an impact.

    Anja Spasojević was in the TV studio as a guest consultant before and after the game, to my surprise. She's still as pretty and charismatic as ever and I can't help but think that having someone as media-savvy as her would raise the profile of women's volleyball in Serbia even more. But, we all know the story. She didn't miss the opportunity to take a dig at Terzić saying that the coach might be harsh and unpleasant at times, but there's such a good atmoshpere among the girls that it won't bother them. :rolll: And after the game she was PISSED that Bošković wasn't also given the award as the best OPP. :rolll:

  • i watched none of the matches

    Turkey has had already silver and bronze so i dont care much about this bronze. for me the succes is a gold medal in ECH ..unless turkey wins a gold in ECH i wont say they are succesful
    btw,i felt bad for Azerbaijan team .they shouldnt have finished the tournament this way!

    congrats to Boşkoviç and her team for the gold..she is a very good OPP,equivalent of a real OPP
    this must be the best Boşkoviç i have ever seen ( in turkey match).if she could have played this way Vitra would have been the champion and in CL now
    especially her attacks with those disorganized bad sets behind from 3 metter line were outstanding..i havent seen those attacks from Zhu Ting

    edit : another congrats to Eda Erdem Dündar .i think she is best slide middle attacker in Europe maybe in the world,who else could be better than her as slider ? i remember Brazilian Fabiana but she must be far from her great days..