2015 FIVB World Grand Prix

  • I don't mind her being selected, any other OHs wouldn't have deserved that award. Pasynkova could have been in that place.

  • So sweet Natalia and Robinson talking and laughing together in the ceremony, also Dani Lins and Larson, love to see the players interacting together. :heart:

    About Pasynkova, I think this week it had its best performance in a long time, I loved seeing her loose inside the court and happy, hope she keeps the same shape in ECH and WC. :P

  • the hall was so empty

    where was the audience?

  • Natalia and Malova? Seriously? Pre first one played one of her worst tournament. The second one was simply terrible receiver. Lowe MVP could be ok, but Goncharova was more stable and consistent along tha way, Lowe somethimes disappared from the court. Ok Harmotto and Juciely. Kelsey! :heart: Molly was impressive, so very deserved award. Goncharova best opposite no doubt.

    I'd like more something like this:

    MVP: Goncharova

    Best setter/opposite: Kreklow / Lowe (or Goncharova)
    Best wing spikers: Robinson / Pasynkova (or the chinese number 13)
    Best middles: Harmotto / Juciely
    Best libero: Banwarth

  • Sorry but Malova was amazing..Her digs were :obey: ..She is the best libero of WGP !
    MVP : Goncharova

  • I dont know what you guys really find in Pasynkova. Yes she had 1-2 good games but still she did not have good stats in killing the ball. Even Sherban killed with %50 yesterday, does this make her a good OH, no. Pasynkova is as unstable as Sherban.

    I agree on Malova. To me De Gennare was best libero in this tournament but Malova really deserved the award as well.
    I liked the awards except the OHs, to me both Robinson and Natalia did not do anything spectacular to deserve the awards. I think they did not have any better choice than them though.

  • IMHO Robison was the only clear choice for the position. She had some weakness passing, but she was consistent spiker, blocker server and digger.

    Missing Zhu Ting, Jaque and Fe Garay didn't put FIVB in a good position for the choice.

  • China's OH Liu Yanhan deserved the award way more than Natalia! :whistle:

  • Congrats to USA, to Russia and Brasil (Dani and Juciely were delightful yesterday, pity that Italy didn't won the third). Now it will be interesting to see how the teams will continue this season, as the most important tournaments are coming up. Many teams were in "disguise", now I think we'll see the best line ups and the best players.

    ILoveVolley: I share your same feelings. Liked this team, Iliked the spirit that the youngest players had and I hope that with the return of the senators this team becomes even stronger. Without a doubt, during this Grand Prix Bonitta set solid bases for the future, giving responsabilities to promising players!

  • Liu Yanhan, Pasynkova and even Hill would deserve more the award.

    In F6, Natália was just a mess and Robinson played 3 matches and not reach more than 10 points, besides not have a great reception, but was pretty obvious that a husker would be awarded, more one political choice from FIVB...

  • This awards are not only for Finals in USA, this is for all 5 weeks of playing on WGP :!:

  • The awards only count the final phase. It's always been that way

  • What are you saying? Use your mind!

    A player from Germany, for example, who gets an award, but didn't reach the F6, would have to fly to Omaha without playing. Yes, of course. Awards are for the whole tournament...

  • What are you saying? Use your mind!

    A player from Germany, for example, who gets an award, but didn't reach the F6, would have to fly to Omaha without playing. Yes, of course. Awards are for the whole tournament...

    What are you saying? Use your mind!

    No player from Germany would win an award in WGP this year :lol: ;)

  • FIVB woke up and completed rankings.

    According to stats Natalia with Robinson were the best receivers, Lowe was the best spiker and 3rd best scorer, Obmochaeva/Goncharova 2nd best spiker and best scorer. Juciely was the best blocker and 4th best scorer.

    The biggest loser seems to be Yanhan Liu - 2nd best scorer and 3rd best spiker...

    If we count only stats the best players would be:
    S: Dani Lins
    OP: Karsta Lowe (if we count best spiker)
    OH: Kelsey Robinson, Natalia (if we count best rceivers)
    MB: Juciely, Carol
    L: Monica De Gennaro

    MVP should be Goncharova - the most decisive player throughout WGP, but Lowe is good choice :D

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  • the hall was so empty

    where was the audience?

    The reason for the hall being so empty was that the USA played in the first match of the day against China. That match was broadcast on national television. If you purchased a ticket, you could see all of the matches. Because the USA match was first, the tournament was not complete, nor was probably the voting on the best players (probably were voted on after Saturday's matches).

    The attendance for the USA-China match was 8,500 according to the FIVB P2 sheet. Brazil-Italy was 3,000 and Russia-Japan was 1,000 people. So if you stayed to watch the reawarding of the trophy to the USA (which happened earlier), the podium and then the awards, there were not that many people left.

    Omaha is in the central part of the country and not easy to get to by plane. I am guessing that many people drove to watch from the Midwest, so the USA match was the big draw.