2015 European Games - Baku / Azerbaijan - 6/13

  • 6 wrong names in Croatian roster

  • There are no Dirickx and Rousseaux in Belgium team.

    Yesterday Belgium played friendly against Turkey without Dirickx and Rousseaux so i think their roster is correct.

  • Bulgarian roster for Baku.

    S: Lora Kitipova, Petya Barakova
    OP: Emiliya Nikolova, Silvana Chausheva
    OH: Elitsa Vasileva, Dobriana Rabadzhieva, Gergana Dimitrova, Simona Dimitrova
    MB: Hristina Ruseva, Gabriela Koeva, Nasya Dimitrova,Mira Todorova
    L: Mariya Filipova, Zhana Todorova

  • This is Croatian roster for European Games in Baku

    S: Vedrana Jakšetić(18years), Ana Grbac
    OPP: Samanta Fabris, Jelena Alajbeg(also OH)
    OH: Senna Ušić(c), Nikolina Jelić, Karla Klarić, Marija Prša
    MB: Tamara Sušić, Maja Burazer(OPP), Dinka Kulić(OPP-OH)
    L: Nikolina Božičević(19 years), Marija Ušić

  • According to Polsat Sport site after friendly matches against Germany Jacek Nawrocki has modified the Polish "14" roster for the European Games. Aleksandra Wójcik will be replaced by Daria Paszek.

    I like it because Paszek is my favourite and I really believe in her. :heart: On the other hand Wójcik was one of the best spikers in Orlen Liga (41 %, so it was even better than Glinka) but her reception is rather shaky.

  • Yesterday Belgium played friendly against Turkey without Dirickx and Rousseaux so i think their roster is correct.

    Helene Rousseaux is taking a break from NT until this summer, she will join the NT for EC.

  • Gosh, these pics made my day, I don't think they will be happy with it though :rolll:

    Ana Grbac

    Meliha Ismailoglu :rolll:

    Natalia Kurnikowska

    Judith Pietersen :thumbsup:

    Yulia Podskalnaya

    Ekaterina Romanenko

    Freya Aelbrecht :rolll:

    She will definitely hate this pic...

    Anne Buijs

    Myrthe Schoot


    Lisa Thomsen

    Mira Todorova

    A selfie of Van de Vijver

    Lise made my day...

    When was this pic taken? :wavy:


    But, we have the worst one.

    Faceless Asuman Karakoyun

    Of course no offense!

  • Jelena Alajbeg is not going with Croatian NT in Baku because of Injury so We are going only with 11 players :gone:

  • Is Nina Coolman injured?

    And I see Mihajlovic is a setter according to European Games official website :D

  • Yes there is AVL next to the Stadium where will be opening ceremonies. Some Polish and Azerbaijani players have already posted photos from Athlete Village :win:

    There is also Media Village next to the AVL

  • Edit: because of injury of Jelena A. Ana Grbac Is going with a team but She probably will not play they need her because of 12 players in roster...

  • Maybe you have some mistake. Mira Todorova is too goofy to look like criminal. Criminals are before and after her.

    Come on, he's talking about Todorova's photo above, not her general looking :whistle: Nothing serious.