2015 European Games - Baku / Azerbaijan - 6/13

  • It's obvious she is so obsessed about her look. Also solarium makes her skin darker and darker everyday, when i look for a moment at her skin of legs it's so close black. I don't get her choice because darker skin makes someone much older than is. She can't frame her beauty in good way.

    lol..despite heavy make-up,solarium her look is not bad :D ....solarium effect looks worse on some skins like Brinker's etc..

  • Poland can't play without Skowronska. No matter what position but she is the leader and the most representative player of Poland right now.

  • Really good comeback by Russia 1-1 now. They deserved the set while Turkish girls simply being lazy and underestimating their opponent.

    Gizem Karadayi is the weakest for Turkish side. She is the only one being aced. Moreover Gözde Yilmaz is not outstanding and very slow in defense. Why does Ferhat insist on these two and not give a chance to Merve Dalbeler and Polen?
    I like the Turkish middles so far, though Russian sets are predictable.

  • we should use double change..and Dicle should be replaced..she cant kill any balls so far..

    Dicle is a curse for a setter. Sets become so predictable because she simply cant attack and force setter to go to spikers. Her blocking is not that good so far either. Hope Asli Kalac comes in soon

  • Ferhat is the biggest obstacle for this team. Seriously? Why no subs? Why insist on players that are not on the court at all? :wall:

  • Congrats Girls!!
    it was a tough match...
    the middles especially Dicle's bad game in attacking pushed Naz to play mainly over the wings (Neriman-Gözde)..Ferhat should have replaced Dicle with Aslı Kalaç.He kept Dicle for her blocks in the game but this affected the offence and tactics...We should serve better.we only harmed Bavkina's reception, the others received ok .Pisarenko received better than i thought..Gözde had a good game...KÜbra,Neriman too...Ferhat should use Polen more...even Seda instead of Güldeniz some times

    congrats to Russian girls, they played their best..İsaeva spiked,Zaryazkho from middles and libero digged well and this helped Russia.Bavkina was relaly bad.She should have ben replaced ....for a moment as if İsaeva would not make any mistake in attacking,she had a very good game..if she keeps playing that way she can be more useful than Malykh even than Goncharova ,im serious!
    Matienko was not bad..
    good luck in the semi final!

  • Busra Cansu has a stress fracture and she has not been training with the team either. She is simply there to serve only. That's why I think we see Diclenur although she plays bad time to time. Today she was lucky because Russia plays slow and high balls and she could make it to the block. but in faster games I hope Asli Kalac will get an opportunity.