2015 Pan American Games - Toronto / Canada - 7/16

  • Group A


    Group B

    Puerto Rico
    United States

    * 1st Nation from each Group will qualify for Semifinals, 2nd and 3rd Nations from each Group will qualify for Quarterfinals.

  • Argentina and Canada are the clear finalists here. Brazil's team this year is a tragedy and I'll be surprised if they even end up with a medal. :|

  • Some results:

    Brazil 3 x 0 Colombia
    USA 1 x 3 Puerto Rico
    Canada 3 x 0 Mexico
    Argentina 3 x 1 Cuba

    Canada playing with their best team, IMO. Hoag did not play WL, but he is back to NT now.

    Brazil 2 x 3 Cuba

    It was not a high level game, but like always, it was so funny to watch. :thumbsup: :flower:

  • If we look the Brazil team in paper, it is a strong team. Maurício Borges and Maurício Souza have already been with A team, Renan played well in Italy, besides his experience in youth champs and brazlian league, Brendle is our the best libero after Serginho, Murilo Radke and Otávio are very talent, and there is Douglas that IMO is the only positive think in this team untill now, he has been showing great skills and creating good expetations for the future, maybe our problems in OH2 can be solved in a near future.

    But let's see, hope them develop and do it better, even tough Canada and Argentina are the clear favorites.

    PS: Brazil x Cuba at Pan American Games :cheesy: I mean, this game just reminded me of my childhood and i started to love volleyball

  • lmao Brazil B just beat Argentina A in straight sets (29/27, 25/21, 25/22). Douglas is such a gem. The team as a whole played really well too, much to my surprise. Hope they can keep this up! :super:

  • lmao Brazil B just beat Argentina A in straight sets (29/27, 25/21, 25/22). Douglas is such a gem. The team as a whole played really well too, much to my surprise. Hope they can keep this up! :super:

    Argentina B seems to be better than A :lol: :wall:

    I dont know what's going on with Argentina. I expect much more from them. They lost this game without figthing.

    Except Gonzalez, the others did not play well. What is Velasco waiting to try someone better than Filardi as OH :?:

    Quiroga played a good season in Brazil and even Poglagen can be better than Filardi. Zornetta is only 1.82, i can't see how he could help Argentina.

  • Our B team defeats this Brazil B twice in Brazil, then our A team gets routined in straights....

    Obviously, this is an indicator that our "B" team shouldn't be "B". At this point, I would give a good kick in the butt ot either Uriarte or De Cecco and bring Demian Gonzalez to the team for good, I swear... and also, Martina >>> J. L. Gonzalez, Bruno >>> Filardi, Santucci >>> Closter. Plus, I just don't know how both Quiroga brothers are not being considered by the coach.

    I would only leave Conte of the A team, but he also deserves a good whack to be honest :hit:

  • What a comeback for Puerto Rico on this match :obey: Playing really good volleyball they sweep Cuba 3x2 (20x25 22x25 25x21 25x20 15x11) now they gonna face Brazil on the semifinal, Argentina vs Canada is the other semifinal.

  • And they won it :obey: Palacios my hero and he cries on the floor after the final point :heart:

    Argentina always has this once-a-tournament performance. In 2012 olympics with Bulgaria, in WCh 2014 vs USA, etc

  • Palacios having an emotional breakdown in the end was super sweet. Dude finally gets his chance in such a big match and totally delivers! If Brazil advances to the final, they should be careful with him - Palacios imo was the main name in both friendlies Argentina won.

    EDIT: omg, a Brazilian journalist just talked to De Cecco and kept calling him Palacios all the time. :aww:

  • Had to leave shortly after BRA-PUR started, but it seems I didn't miss much. PUR can't really do anything judging from the score (25/16, 25/17). We're on the way for another BRA-ARG game in the final. :S

    EDIT: For a team I judged to be so hopeless, I'm beyond surprised this BRA NT has reached the finals leaving CAN and CUB behind. Seems like the defeats against ARG paid off somehow and they got a lot better since arriving in Toronto. :drink:

  • Brazil go to the final and I remember that weeks ago I doubted that they could be there, but now they are and with chances to win, congratulations for Douglas, Renan, Murilo Radke, and Thiago Brendle, great tournament for they. :heart:

  • Renan is playing surprisingly great in this tournament. :white: He's the only one scoring for Brazil consistently today.

    EDIT: 18 pts and 70% in two sets for Renan :obey:

  • Argentina somehow won. Velasco changed the right players at the right time and Brazil crashed. Nice result for this team though! Did not expect them to even win a medal.