2015 Pan American Games - Toronto / Canada - 7/16

  • oh well, DOM are still such a mess… specially pena.

    jineiry martinez. wow. she can really put the ball down if she connects with a good set. she needs to learn the back slide now.

    jackson too, very decisive kills and very athletic.

  • Macris is choking really hard today. Garay is the only one that can do anything so far.

    EDIT: GARAY :obey: Macris is playing better now since Jaque entered. And now Joycinha gets blocked for the third time. :aww:

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  • 2 sweet 3-0 victories for USA over Brazil today!! :super:

  • i can't believe this… i only caught the 3rd set but that was sad.

    joyce had what, 3 kills? fawcett had about 18? that says it all.

    BRA setting seemed really bad tonight. ana tiemi came in for the double sub in the 3rd set and her two sets to rosamaria were stupid… really bad.

  • Brazil's problem in the OPP position is evident once again after the two defeats today. Garay can't win a match like this alone. Meanwhile, Lowe, Fawcett and even Barstch are all contributing to their respective teams being score machines when it counts. That indeed does say it all.

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    Bronze - World Championship 2014 (W) Prediction Game

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  • Good job USA - both matches today WGP and PAN American just showed how far USA have come in their volleyball - their fitness is really setting them apart - they glide across the court. Brazil was no match on both accounts. I like that Ze has given chances to a lot of players this year, but clearly the depth is lacking - to play a whole match with only one efficient attacker is short of ridiculous at this level. I hope Ze has learned that Adenizia needs to go. Macris has potential, and is a good back up to Dani Lins. Shame Jacqueline is not at her best, she could have helped Garay in this match some more.

    I didnt quite understand though how Ze has been treating this tournament, and why he is here with this team instead of the WGP team? If he had been taking it seriously then he needed to have had Juicely and Ana Carol here - he could have left the WGP with a weaker team like China did - esp since Brazil wont play in the world cup this year. It seems like a waste of an opportunity for both tournaments really.

  • Gold Medal Match:

    USA - Brazil 3-0 22, 21, 26

    Bronze Medal Match:

    Dominican Republic - Puerto Rico 3-1 22, 22, -22, 21

  • USAV in their press release announced the American winners of the individual awards. Based off of the stats, I would guess the other awards went to Fe Garay (OH), Adenizia (MB) (she was statistically the blocking leader), and Camila Brait (L) who lead all of the reception and defensive stats but I can't find confirmation.

    MVP & S - Carli Lloyd (USA)
    OPP - Nicole Fawcett (USA)
    OH - Krista Vansant (USA)
    OH -
    MB -
    MB - Rachel Adams (USA)
    L -

  • MVP: Carli Llyod (USA)
    Best Scorer: Karina Ocasio (Puerto Rico)
    Best Server: Gina Mambru (Dominican Republic)
    Best Receiver: Camila Brait (Brazil)
    Best Libero: Camila Brait (Brazil)
    Best Opposite: Nicole Fawcett (USA)
    Best Setter: Carli Lloyd (USA)
    Best First Outside Hitter: Krista Vansant (USA)
    Best Second Outside Hitter: Melissa Vargas (Cuba)
    Best Blocker: Adenizia Da Silva (Brazil)
    Best Second Blocker: Rachel Adams (USA)

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Camila Brait is holding three awards. Maybe she got best digger too?! Anyone knows?

  • how could Garay not receive the OH award??? :down:

    Vargas is excepcional for her age, but Garay was the best OH of the tournament. :read: