Croatia NT 2015

  • Today Croatian NT played against US college and they beat them 4:0 in sets..

    Starting roster :

    Vedrana Jakšetić(s) - Samanta Fabris(OPP)
    Senna Ušić(OH) - Jelena Alajbeg(OH)
    Tamara Sušić(MB) - Maja Burazer(MB)
    M.Ušić(for reception) - Nikolina Božičević(in defense)

    Dinka Kulić OPP or maybe MB, Nikolina Jelić(OH), Karla Klarić(OH)

    NT has a lot of problems with a players...They all need rest from Club seasons so they aren't with NT...They will joined NT when they start preparation for Grand Prix.

  • Emil
    I don't know but We don't have any true MB in roster right now so She need to play as MB.. I watched Tamara games and She is great blocker but She didn't have good connection with setter in that matche so I can't tell...And in second matche that I watched She was playing with setter(15years old) and She has good arm swing but again not good connection.
    Dinka Kulić is OPP but my thoughts are that she will be MB and We will go only with 1 OPP, (Fabris) and only 1 Setter because Marina Katic need recovery from injury

    But Vedrana J. knows how to use MB so i expect some good games by them :D

  • New captain in Croatia is Senna Ušič :D

    This is roster for European Games in Baku

    S: Vedrana Jakšetić(18years)
    OPP: Samanta Fabris, Jelena Alajbeg(also OH)
    OH: Senna Ušić(c), Nikolina Jelić, Karla Klarić, Marija Prša
    MB: Tamara Sušić, Maja Burazer(OPP), Dinka Kulić(OPP-OH)
    L: Nikolina Božičević(19 years), Marija Ušić

    We can't expecte a lot of from Croatia on European Games because We don't have key players in roster right now but I'm very happy because we will see a very young setter, libero and new middle blocker :)

  • Right now Vedrana is only setter in roster that we have...Grbac, Brcic and Katic need rest because of long seasons
    We will see how will this work out ..We only have 1 real MB .. a lot of problems for Angelo :white:

  • Croatian roster for Grand Prix

    S : Ana Grbac, Bernarda Brčić, Vedrana Jakšetić, Marina Katić, Ivona Ćačić
    OH : Senna Ušić, Mia Jerkov, Mira Topic, Nikolina Jelić, Karla Klarić, Dinka Kulić (also OPP), Lucija Mlinar, Cecilija Dujić
    OPP : Samanta Fabris, Katarina Barun, Jelena Alajbeg, Maja Burazer
    MB : Maja Poljak, Tamara Sušić, Ivana Miloš, Iva Jurišić, Bernarda Ćutuk, Danica Uljević
    L : Marija Ušić, Marija Prša

    BIG ???...Is Nikolina Božičević(L), We asked Angelo why She is not on roster and He said that they are trying to change list and to add her .. :wall::wall:

    She is big + to our NT because She is libero that Croatia need right now...2 best digger right now European Games :white:
    And Sanja Popivć is not invited :white:

  • And Nikolina Bozicevic will not perform for Croatia on World Grand Prix....
    "Last summer We weren't so happy with her so We had to put someone else on position for libero, and We didn' t expect from her that she will improve her self that much in one season and We didn't put her on the list for WGP because the list has to be made before EG but She will be with NT on ECH that is for sure!"

    So Croatian again on WGP with no libero...
    Ivana Miloš said that She will not be ready for WGP

  • I was impressed by the young libero Nikolina Bozicevic ^^ She played very well considering she never had played for senior NT. Obviously many skills she needs to improve, but I think she can develop soon. Hopefully she becomes a croatian castillo.

    She is so small and her teammates so big :D

  • To be honest I have never been a big fan of Senna Usic, rather a hater when she was playing for Pesaro, but she's been such a great captain. Encouraging her younger teammates even if they don't play well, good connection with Angelo etc etc, when Maja Poljak comes back she will probably take the captain badge back, but wow, she has made a great impression as captain, I have to say.

  • Nikolina Bozicevic was only with NT two weeks She wasn't from the start as others so She was amazing, second best digger after 1.round on EG and She was better every matche !

    Senna played amazing like I said it before, before I didn't like her but now I'm fan, for now. We will see how She will play WGP and ECH :)..If Maja Poljak doesn't joined NT She will be captain on WGP again!

    Miloš and Brcic 100% not with NT on Grand Prix 1.week and I don't think that any of top girls will joined in 1.week of WGP, I was hopping that our fans in Croatia will see the best what our NT can show :/

  • I heard some rumors about Katarina Barun too play as OH on ECH..They will see how Katarina will play ad OH than they will decide what is the best :)...rumors I don't know it is 100% true...

    Samanta Fabris-Bernarda Brcic
    Katarina Barun-Senna Ušić
    Maja Poljak(c)-Ivana Miloš
    Nikolina Božičević

    This can be very stronge team :cheesy:

  • well, playing only with Usic and Bozicevic as regular passers is too high risk

    I don't think that either Barun or Fabris can pass :whistle:

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • For Topic I don't know but Jerkov will be with team but Barun is first option for OH...Barun before played as OH in NT :)...If Natalia Obmochaev can play as OH than I don't see any problem for Katarina Barun :whistle:
    Than Fabris would be starter OPP and Popović second OPP...but this are some speculation.. :)