2015 CEV European League

  • Hi ! I'm 2015 CEV European League ! Do You know I'm alive?

    Standings after 2nd week:

    Group A:

    1. Poland 10
    2. Austria 8

    Group B:

    1. Greece 6
    2. Slovenia 6

  • well, this competition will always be in shadow of WL... Polish B team as leader in one of Pools says everything :wavy: it's a good place to introduce new players like Michał Kędzierski, Szymon Romać, Michał Filip, Bartosz Bednorz or Jan Nowakowski :wavy:

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Croatia won the first matche in Croatia 3:1 against Belarus and second matche lost with 3:1 against Belarus.

  • well, this competition will always be in shadow of WL... Polish B team as leader in one of Pools says everything :wavy: it's a good place to introduce new players like Michał Kędzierski, Szymon Romać, Michał Filip, Bartosz Bednorz or Jan Nowakowski :wavy:

    It is more or less the point of the European League. It is not even in the shadow of the World League, it is in a neighbouring room :D But I like the tournament despite its lower quality, it provides players and non-world-class European teams with game time before major events. Actually, it still surprises me why only Poland took advantage again, for a second year in a row, of registering a B team. I would've liked to see most of the EG squads in the European League as well, such as Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Finland, Russia, and France. Then the quality will also increase. Don't be surprised that Poland is atop of Pool A, the team is in good shape as they recently returned from Baku. Even in better shape, however, Poland B had problems with Austria. Also, Pool A is weaker. Greece, Estonia, almost the same Turkish squad from the EG, plus the favourites Slovenia make up the more intense Pool B. Slovenia, for example, play with the A team, use the league as a preparation for the ECH and surely hope for a WL ticket next year (in case they keep the current format intact). Croatia and Belarus compete with almost full squads, too.

    Last, the winners of the 2014 edition, Montenegro, almost won the WL's third division, showing that even not super impressive, the level of middle-class European teams is not bad at all.

  • YavorD, the most important players from EG are not taking part in EL ( Szalpuk, Sliwka, Konarski, Kosok, Woicki 5 out of 7 starting line-up are not there).

    Mhm, I know. And it's still nice to see others among the starters, such as Bednorz. However, the absence of Konarski, Woicki, and Kosok means Poland B actually got better :)

  • Wałbrzych, Poland, will be Final Four Host.

    Funny, I though Austria or Slovenia will be Host to use that to win and to get World League Ticket.

    From other way that doesn't mean in Poland They won't win but..

    Teams in Pool A will have hard job now because next to Poland only one Team will qualify.

  • Standings after 3rd week:

    Group A

    1. Estonia 12
    2. Poland 10

    Group B

    1. Slovenia 12
    2. Greece 12

  • Standings after 4th week:

    Group A

    1. Estonia 17
    2. Poland 10

    Group B

    1. Slovenia 17
    2. Greece 17

  • Standings after 5th week:

    Group A

    1. Estonia 23
    2. Poland 15

    Group B

    1. Slovenia 23
    2. Greece 20

  • Final Standings after 6th week:

    Group A

    1. Estonia 29 Q
    2. Macedonia 21 Q
    3. Poland 16 Q

    Group B

    1. Slovenia 29 Q
    2. Greece 20

  • So, Yavor, You wrote You like the Tournament so I wait for comments, Sweetie ^^

    Yes, but I couldn't follow it much this summer. I expected more from the Polish youngsters. They are going to host the finals, maybe then they will push it harder, but they surely could've finished the group stage with a more positive balance. FYROM's wins in Poland this past weekend were surprising. They have two decent opposites, Nikola Gjorgiev and Jovica Simovski, and the coach plays them both, switching Gjorgiev to an OH. It reminds a lot of the Czech team where the two most reliable spikers, Stokr and Konecny, are opposites. The results of FYROM also come thanks to the presence of weaker squads like Austria, Denmark, and Israel. Austria are surely the biggest disappointment, very inconsistent volleyball and I am seriously starting to question Michael Warm's appointment at Rhein-Main Volley, the German Bundesliga's newcomers. Peter Trolle Bonnesen finally with some court time for Denmark, and for any team for that matter, due to the absence of Mads Ditlevsen. Denmark weren't aiming high anyway, so I am glad Bonnesen finally got up from the bench.

    I had no idea CEV had decided the tournament's formula in such a way. It is just unfair to let the second best team qualify when the hosts are in one of the groups. Greece deserved the F4 position more than FYROM, in my opinion. The second group was more interesting, to me at least. Belarus should've been more convincing because they relied on all star players most of the time. I hope they perform slightly better at the ECH. Romania had players missing and finished at the bottom.

    Poland B's performance is a mystery to me, so I can't say what their chances are to reach the final. Based on recent form and results, it is obviously most logical for Slovenia and Estonia to play for the gold.

  • Our game looks dramatic so far :huh: not even close to the level from EG.

    I see Ferens is a tourist even in team B. Donnu where and when this guy lost it. Used to be such a sensational young player. Buchowski on the other hand surprises me, being awesome in defense. Clearly he has some great "leg" skills :)

  • Semi-Finals:

    Slovenia - Poland 3-0

    Estonia - Macedonia 0-3

    Macedonia from last minute with qualification to the EuroLeague Final.

  • Probably the best three sets of volleyball Macedonia have ever played in recent history. The surprise of the 2015 edition. I don't know if it means they will accompany Slovenia at the 2016 World League, let's wait for the new format. Estonia didn't have a good day and finished their unbeaten run quite disappointingly. Only Ardo Kreek could challenge the Macedonian reception, many serve errors, Kert Toobal wasn't really that accurate today. Overall Estonia were well read. On the other side, FYROM played with passion. Simovski, who must be the opposite with the farthest approach from the net from position 1, converted many vital points. The same did the captain Nikola Gjorgiev. A truly passionate team which will have more trouble against Slovenia tomorrow, but they are underdogs and will feel no pressure.

    I couldn't follow the first semifinal, but the level of the second wasn't bad at all.