2015 FIVB Club World Championship - Zurich / Switzerland - 5/5

  • Today i saw weak point of Kosheleva's game : she simply cannot tip :!:
    to by adsupply"> save some energy in by Provider"> a game ,she needs to learn how to tip...

    Kosheleva needs to face this kind of strong, organized blocks more often to raise her game and widen her skillset, be able to use hands better etc. The blocks in Russia is tall but limited because of their slow movement and poor structure/connection compared to the likes of Poljak/Furst. Neither does CEV Cup offer this kind of challanging proposition. The by adsupply"> problem with Kosheleva now is that her game totally gets locked when she cannot hit over the block regulary, having to deal with opposition that possesses the ability to use her power in own advantage. Its like when she gets blocked often she loses the rythm completly, attacks hesitant without plan. Her approach gets so much more passive, afraid of calling the shots in the same aggressive manner. She is in this kind of defintion a bit one-dimensional in attacking terms which make her predictable. Players like Goncharova, Kim, Neslihan etc is more versatile with more cards in their pocket to use, so they are able to adjust when things dont works out according to plan. I think for Kosheleva this pattern has been pretty plain for quite some years now.

  • Sunday 11.00 am Caprara attended her daughter's First Communion ceremonies in Novara, Italy :D .

    At 15.00 PM he was on the bench of Eczacibasi for the final match in Zurich, Switzerland :obey: .

    18.00 PM he won the cup :cup: