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    A short tv-report about Dutch Vakifbank-trio and of course Guidetti :win:

    Buijs says the adaptation to the traffic in Istanbul was not that hard, though it is totally different, because there are no rules.. :D:D just do like the others. It will be much harder to obey the rules again when she returns to Dutch traffic. :dance6:


    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Tomorrow the most important tournament of the year begins...

    The team played two decent games against Belgium.

    I'm confident Guidetti will prepare the team very well for especially the matches against Germany and Turkey (because he knows those players).

    The main vulnerability of the team is still the receiving part, like Belgium-games have proved once more.

    Especially against Germany, reception will be crucial, since almost all German players are great float-servers...

    Against Turkey it will be even more difficult. Besides the great Turkish team, there is the great audience.

    Croatia is for me a big ?...Some very good players, for sure. If they succeed in playing as a team, it will be a really hard match.

    Let's go Orange !!

  • from the cev-match page this is the roster for their match against germany:

    1 KNIP Kirsten L
    3 BELIEN Yvon
    4 PLAK Celeste
    5 DE KRUIJF Robin
    7 STEENBERGEN Quinta
    8 PIETERSEN Judith
    9 SCHOOT Myrthe
    10 SLÖETJES Lonneke
    11 BUIJS Anne
    14 DIJKEMA Laura
    16 STAM-PILON Debby L
    22 KOOLHAAS Nicole

  • C'mon, the absence of an assistant coach won't affect Holland chances in Ankara.
    Even though it seems that Selinger take it personally but in the end Cutino have a contract with Volero and he should respect it.. Allow him to join Holland NT in Ankara or not, Volero and their head coach who decide, not Guidetti.
    I don't like Selinger and i still could not understand why he did not give the permission to Cutino but Guidetti should respect it.

  • Congrats to the dutch girls for another great opportunity to grab an olympic bounding ticket. Overall their performance was good, I think the loss against Germany in the 1st match gave them some positive motivations.

    With Flier out, I presume there won't be much changes in the roster.

    S : Dijkema, Stoltenborg
    OPP : Slöetjes, Pietersen
    OH : Buijs, Balkestein, Plak
    MB : De Kruijf, Steenbergen, Beliën, Koolhas
    L : Pilon-Stam, Schoot, Knip

    In case they qualify to the olympic games (most likely they shall...) Guidetti must cut 2 players and I guess Knip and Koolhas will be the players. Too bad that Caroline Wensink retired too early, she could have been helpful no matter what position she plays, even as setter. Flier was pretty unlucky to be pregnant this period, I know how much she has wanted to play in the olympics and considering how she used to lead her team many years ago, she MUST be there as well :S

    I'm not so much worried about setters, at least not as much as I did. Dijkema played a very well tournament overall, having ups and downs isn't a new thing to her anyway. Stoltenborg also showed some positive signs when she was given chances to play. I liked her super fast sets to Balkestein, she knows that Maret wouldn't have a chance to kill a ball unless it's fast enough.

    Stam :white: Hard to believe she started to play libero just some months ago, I think she's already more consistent than Knip and Schoot and she knows how to cover Buijs and Plak when they get tagged in serve by the opponent. Schoot could help the team as defense specialist if it is needed, I don't see a spot for Knip if the roster has to be made of only 12 players.

    Another good sign is that both Slöetjes and Pietersen played very well, the first one had some hard times hitting balls but managed to lead her team again. Judith also proved she deserves a spot, especially versus high russian mountain blocks :D

    As for MBs, I hope to see Steenbergen as starter over Beliën, Yvone is also pretty good and having a splendid season in Italy, but Quinta is much more experienced and knows how to deal with pressure.