Turkish NT 2015

  • a threat for the rest ? if you are a professional player, someone's being close friend of someone else shouldnt be any threats to you...fortunately Toksoy is not that indispensable player ( still better player than Büşra though)..we have no luxury to give up players like Gözde,Gizem K,Naz etc..i think some people from voleyboldefteri should have some special maybe personal reasons to spread their claims about those players
    all of the nt players are close friends..

    Like I said, I dont find this good either and Bahar definitely deserves to be there and is needed. But we all know why Neslihan was not in the NT last year. So I guess they didnt prefer having 2-3 players trying to dominate the entire group, gossiping and such, instead preferred to find a scapegoat and drop her. About voleyboldefteri, I agree. I think he had a personal problem with Bahar and pushed too much on her however I agree on most of his criticism towards her game.

  • we will need all the best players posssible for ECH and OQT in Ankara..

    so Neslihan should be there too..
    the problem is who will be second setter?? i didnt like Nilay and Çağla at WGP 15
    Asuman is injuried...we dont know about Özge....Gamze is not experienced enough..the same for Dilik

    second setter should be either Nilay (experience) or one of Gamze and Çağla...if Gamze is in a good shape ..we can try Gamze..

    one of Şeyma-Meliha-Ezgi-Damla and Melis should be as the fourth OH, beside Gözde-Neriman and Güldeniz

    so :

    setters : Naz-Nilay-Gamze
    OPPs : Neslihan - Polen -Meryem
    OH's : Gözde-Neriman-Güldeniz - ?
    MB's : Eda-Kübra-Özgenur - Büşra
    L : Gizem K.- Dilara - Gizem Ö.

  • This is one of the most absurd things I've heard.. This is high level volleyball not some high school team. I ak all for team spirit and stuff, but being best friends with someone does not ruin it. Naz and Bahar are really close, that's true but they always hang out with the others. And also when u are 12 people, you can't all be together all the time.. Every team has that.. For example in Serbian team Bjelica and Stevanovic are best friends. They together with Rasic, Mihajlovic, Zivkovic, Malesevic are always hanging out. There still are Nikolic, Molnar, Ognjenovic, Brakocevic.. It's how stuff work. Not that they hate the others..Not to mention Bahar deserves the spot.. She's better and more experienced than Ozgenur and Asli.. Plus then need an attacker in front of the setter, since all of the others are sliders, even Kubra

  • :down: :down: :down: Gizem-Güldeniz, Meliha-Polen, Neriman-Merve... There are many *best friends* in this team but only Naz-Bahar duo is a problem? Very ugly move I must say. I hope the reason is not true. Bahar is our best blocker against the European teams. The team will definitely miss her...

  • Do you know the preparations of Turkish NT? I havent seen any news? Less than one month to ECH and we dont know the roster or the friendly matches, I doubt there will be any though. The situation doesnt look good to me.

    I know that expected players plus Eda Erdem and Neslihan Demir is training with the team. voleyboldefteri mentioned that Neslihan's case is a bit difficult now since everyone including her club doctors mentioned that she should rehab and rest. However they will recheck her situation and decide whether she can play in ECH or not. I hope Polen keeps same performance in ECH. I'm not sure which setters are there though. Cagla and Nilay both had terrible performance recently and Gamze is not even included in European league squad and U23 squad. So it is the biggest uncertain position.

  • Actually I see no problem whether Neslihan will be in the roster or not if Polen and G. Yılmaz are healthy. Polen showed in WGP that she can be the starting player in ECH. Yılmaz can be used when Polen having problems on court. My team for ECH:

    S》Naz and Nilay
    Opp》Polen and G. Yılmaz
    OH》Gözde, Neriman, Güldeniz
    M》Eda, Kübra, Dicle
    L》Karadayı and Örge

    I am wondering why Bahar isnt inclueded in the team. I dont believe such gossips like Bahar and Naz are very close friends bla bla bla... She is such an experienced player and she is definetely needed especially for her blocking skills.

  • I hope Bahar will be there. I like the roster you give but I would replace Dicle with Asli Kalac. Kubra is a very slow blocker and Dicle is not the fastest either, besides her attack ability is 0. Asli can bring a change to the court when she enters. About Neslihan, I agree. I really liked Polen's performance but I don't think Gözde Yilmaz is a typical opposite. I would rather have her in squad and replace Neriman with her when an attacking OH is needed.

  • I know that the players are in the training camp in Bursa. Neslihan isnt there anymore, she ist checking and controlling at Eczacibasi but it is still unknown weather she can play or not. Instead of Neslihan, Hande Baladin arrived at the training camp in Bursa.

    Players which are definitely in the ECH roster are:

    Naz Aydemir and Nilay Özdemir as the setter
    Gizem K and Merve D as the Liberos
    Gözde S Neriman Ö Güldeniz Ö (Seyma E / Meliha I / Gözde Y) as the outside hitters
    Polen U Hande B as the opposites
    Kübra A Eda E (Özgenur Y / Büsra C) as the middle blockers.

    Its said that Gözde Yilmaz injury is not full recovered yet.

  • What happened to Dicle? She played as starter in European Games and then she dissappeared. I would like to see her in the roster because of her blocking skills. When Kübra has problems, my choice would be Dicle not Aslı who is attacking specialist player. Between Özgenur and Büsra my choice is Büşra. Özgenur is such an overrated player I think. Her blocking reach is terrible despite of her height. Büşta played well at Montreux and she is more experienced than Özge. Having Yılmaz in the roster is so important because she can play both as OH and OPP like you said. I hope there wont be any injuries till ECH.

    Naz-Polen, Neriman-Gözde S., Eda-Kübra, Gizem K.
    I think this starting six is very strong and stable.