Germany NT 2015

  • Let's see I've got German ancestors and my mother even still speaks German but hey they came over in 1875 so I guess I can play for the German national team. I mean why not add Destinee Hooker to the potential list since she was actually born in Germany.

    Oh, that's right there are no citizenship birth rights in Germany like in the USA. Too bad it isn't Destinee Schwarzangreifer, because it looks like she isn't going to play on the USNT either. With a little citizenship creativity Deutschland has a legitimate shot at the gold.

    And maybe it will take an Italian to help show them the way. Yea Destinee in the black, red, and gold. Quote Destinee, "Just invite me, I'll come and play, since my own country isn't going to ask me to play". :drink:

  • If the German NT would have her, it's a great opportunity for Michelle Bartsch. She's self-aware enough to realize her odds of playing for the USANT are very slim and she could have an immediate impact on the German NT. With two seasons in Germany, I think it's safe to say she understands what it's like living there and if she has has the desire I say go for it!

  • German NT starts their program for 2015 on 17 May, a couple of players (in Italic) will join the team a week later. Those are the players practising with the team:

    S: Mareike Hindriksen, Denise Hanke, Mareen Apitz, Denise Imoudu, Kathleen Weiß

    OPP: Saskia Hippe, Louisa Lippmann, Margareta Kozuch

    OH: Laura Weihenmaier, Julia Schaefer (also OPP), Lisa Izquierdo ?( , Lena Stigrot (also OPP), Jennifer Geerties, Jana-Franziska Poll, Maren Brinker

    MB: Anja Brandt, Leonie Schwertmann, Wiebke Silge, Juliane Langgemach, Jennifer Pettke, Marie Schölzel

    L: Linda Dörendahl, Lenka Dürr, Janine Völker, Lisa Thomsen

    Lisa Izquierdo is in the list even though last week in a newspaper from Dresden was written that she refused Pedulla's invitation to recover from some minor injuries this summer. Stuttgart's setter Mareike Hindriksen is new in the list and I'm glad to see her name there. She constantly improved over the last few years and now with 27 finally is invited to NT.
    Heike Beier is not in this list but there is no info yet if she won't play NT at all this summer or if she'll join later.

  • Heike Beier is stil playing in club, maybe that's the reason why she's missed here :wavy: she'll play with BKS Aluprof Bielsko-Biała on 6th and 9th May last 2 games in league.
    Maybe she'll get more time for rest ^^

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  • Yeah but Beier isn't in the list of players joining later either and also not in the wide roster for European Games...

    Canter, Bouagaa was good only in 2003-04 and that's more than 10 years ago :roll: Among the MBs the only "promising" player is Wiebke Silge. My guess is that Brandt and Silge will be starters or maybe Pettke, but it's a big step down from Fürst, Karg and Ssuschke in the last years :S

  • The best past years of Germany NT was with Ssuschke and Fürst playing in the middles... IMO the game this year will be focused on Kozuch and Brinker attacking, and I am not sure if they can do it wel. I don't know how's Kozuch playing since she's not starter in Piacenza and I wasn't following her season in China. Personally, I am her big fan, so I want to see her best this year.

    About Brinker, every year the same thing... Too many mistakes, bad reception, some good matches, some terrible ones. She seems so unstable for me. BUT, she still one of the best options for the OH for Germany, since I do not think that those players in the list can play a leadership role in the group. Germany defenetly needs to put Maggie and Brinker (with more responsability) on court and then they can develop and give more space for the promissing players like Brandt, Izquierdo and so on.

  • I don't want to blame Maren Brinker, well, obviously she's not a world-class player, horrible in reception, inconsistent in attacks, just good serves sometimes. In one word, she's a limited player. Well then, who is better than her? :rolleyes: A bunch of OHs were tried in Guidetti's hands and no one better found so far. both Geerties and Izquierdo are still very young and inexperienced, it's probably too early to estimate them. Beier? Basically a second libero...which is a not bad one, her attacks are quite embarrassing, well, I don't know how she's been playing in Poland though.

    I believe main MBs will be Silge-Pettkke or Brandt, hopefully Fürst accepts Pedullà's invitation and is willing to play for her NT. They really need her.

  • She said she will talk with Pedulla in summer, but I don't think anything that explicit is decided yet...

    As far as I know, his comment was based on personal communication with her. They were together during the entire World club championship. I'm really glad to hear that Furst is willing to come back to the NT.

  • After all Lisa Izquierdo has been erased from the list of players starting NT training on Sunday, so I guess she really won't play this summer :(
    Pedulla will come a day later because of Italian league final, Felix Koslowski will guide the team and be assistant coach until European Games, after that he'll work with Schwerin.

  • First photo of NT in training with Pedulla:

    From the above posted list several players are not on the photo and Geerties who was supposed to join next week is already there...probably many of these players will be in Montreux, I expect another attacker instead of one of the setters there though...

    Concerning the staff, Felix Koslowski and Davide Carli are listed as assistant coaches on DVV site and Riccardo Boieri will be the scout.

  • Who is the most promising youngster in german nt? i think she was playing in Dresden

    btw..Who is the first player on the left side on the bottom row ?

    it's the new setter from dresden Mareike Hindriksen [Ex-Stuttgart]. And our youth opp from dresden lippmann is not on the photo