2015 / 2016 Transfer Rumors & Discussion

  • Polina Rahimova close to Casalmaggiore. After finish Baku Game2015 and loan Paola Egonu from Club Italia.

  • There are rumors that Stefanie Karg returns to Dresden for next season.

    VK Prostejov's site mentions that Karg will be retiring.

  • Oh my Destinee, what r u doing.. Season in China is short and Molnar and Nesovic had a bad season there

    Nesovic played good in Tianjin,Molnar has little time to show her skill, because Tianjin last season meet some injuries, especially wing-spikers but they have good skills in back row.

    Hooker will be very suitable for Tianjin,because Tianjin has good skills but lacking a powerful bomb.

    AND Tianjin was surpposed to sign another famous player from aboard soon.

  • She is very weak, better not to have her for Cannes.

    I would'nt say that she is weak. She is still réal lu young. Last year in Cannes her sister, Alexandra, improve a lot under FANG coaching. Maybe it was not the best destination for Rebecka to grow as a player. And as I said before, it was quite hard for Rebecka spending her first year without her twin in a new country/new club/new people. Alexandra had much better environnent (she knows the club and have friend there) to deal with it.

    I still think that both can be talented players.

  • They announced Rourke with Harmotto, after announcment of Mihajlovic they diidn't cancell Rourke so it seems she will play there too.

    No, Rourke will not play in Fenerbahce. Mihajlovic will probably play as OPP.
    Official roster for next season. http://www.fenerbahce.org/voleybolbayan/takim.asp

  • So, maybe Rachel Rourke will play in Chemik Police ? :P

  • Free OPP players as far as I know are :

    Jovana Brakocevic - Rumored to be pregnant.
    Ana Bjelica - Not good enough yet for a team fighting for CL title, but should be okay for a 4-8 team in Italian or Turkish league.
    Polina Rahimova - I think she's as expensive as Brakocevic, who can afford them? Maybe only Chemik Police :rolleyes:
    Nicole Fawcett - Not one of the top players, but a good team player.
    Kelly Murphy - Same word goes to her. I hope Casalmaggiore takes her.
    Madelaynne Montano - She's not always healthy, so apparently clubs don't want to take a big risk getting her.
    Rachel Rourke - She was rumored to play for Fenerbahce, but apparently not.
    Manon Flier - Her level has dropped down a lot, wonder which teams can afford her.
    Margareta Kozuch - Expensive player with a low value :roll:

  • checking the Fb's roster..

    OH's should be : Kim - Bosetti so this should mean Mihajlovic will play as OPP....then Polen? do you think Mihajlovic as OPP can do more than Polen? ....her adv. to Polen is her strength.

    Polen should have gone to a team where she could be as starter..

    seems in TL..(im still not clear if the rule changed into 3+1 or will be in the bench not) Polen will be OPP so that Skorupa be the setter..so this means either Mihajlovic or Bosetti will be in the bench..

    how do you think the Picture will be in fb ?

  • Mihajlovic is much stronger than Polen so in CL, no doubt she'll be a starter.. In TL considering their lack of setter she'll be on bench and Skorupa-Kim-Bosetti will be the starters with Polen as OPP, and Mihajlovic can be on bench and come on as part of the double sub together with Ezgi.. Sometimes maybe Mihajlovic will get a starting role as OH in TL and that would depend on Bosetti's shape since last year it wasn't so great and Kim is a good passer so it wouldn't be a problem to cover much bigger space with the libero.. maybe Abondanza will try Bosetti as receiving OPP, that would be a good idea too IMO but Mihajlovic is effective on the right too so there may be no need.. So my starting line up is:


    Bosetti-Kim (Mihajlovic)

  • Fb has really a strong roster..one of the biggest candidates for CL title...

    Yes, I agree with you :)

  • Brakocevic has 1 more year in her club...She signed 2 years contract with her club :wavy: