2016 CEV DenizBank Champions League

  • What a match :cheesy:
    Pomi kinda went off the boil in the 5th set, no one could really put the ball away. Shame about that error for Stevanović at the change of ends, as she had played a spectacular match up to that point and was a key figure in Pomi's comeback, but that's life.
    I feel Wolosz is overusing Montano, but she got away with it today.

  • Great match. Congrats Chemik , congrats Pomi. It was a real battle :)

  • Since Impel hired coach like they have I knew it could look like this. Negro with having good potential can lose everything and be kicked off soon in half of season. Constagrande with Hildebrand are big shame. First time they were ashamed by Muszyna yougsters.
    On the other hand perfect Police, if they would keep this level I see the sense of this club. Montano is Leon in women volleyball, but she must improve precision of attacks. [Reduce aut attacks], then no doubt she can kill every team.

  • Funny thing here with statistics. Actually Zenik and Werblinska have really low reception percentage while Picci and Siressi had almost twice higher :white: I remember Zenik received almost everything on point and 3-4 balls on 4 meter... While Pomi throughout 3 sets couldn't receive properly... I don't know but someone is really wrong here :down:

  • I have done calculation with spectators for 2.round of CL. In second round there was more spectators than in 1.round and 4.000 more fans than last year( 2 more matches than last year).

    2015.= 16.230 2016.(2 more matches)= 20.215

    2016. 1.round 17.986, 2.round 20.215 (+2.229)

    More than 2.000fans than in first round. And this good results for CL.
    Pol, Ita and Srb has more numbers of fans on the matches than last year.

  • Today very interesting matche in Poland, can't wait :win:

    Go Novara :heart:

  • Someone has stream that is not laola1 and that I can watch on mobile?? My laptop is broken X(

  • Novara lost the first set

  • Could someone tell me more about Bosio? WHy could she take over the setter position?

  • Novara is not a mess because of Signorille but many factors. First of all they have only one reliable scorer which is Fabris. Their MB are not scoring machines especially Chiricella, who is very poor in attack. They have a defensive OH such as Cruz, who can sometimes score very well (like Gozde) but is there to defend and receive. Their second OH whether it's Bosetti or Melesevic is also defensive. They are trying Rousseaux now, and she can't receive at all, but neither can score. Their setter is also nothing special and as someone say she is very weak, so how can they win?
    IMO there are many reasons for their weak games not just setter

  • Zaroślińska is on fire!