2016 CEV DenizBank Champions League

  • This was one of the worst CL that I had ever seen

    Matches with low quality

    Kazan take a easy way to final four... and Without Gamova and Startseva it's really difficult to shine.

  • Anyway, I think it should be reviewed this Meldonium doping honestly....I know Russia has many cases of doping, but this seems just political thing, not really a scientifical thing. Its like cafeine, imagine if from one day to another they prohibid cafeine....imagine how many athletes would get caugh...

    The point is: why a lot of perfectly healthy athletes would take an anti-ischemic drug without having any benefit from it? Do they like how it tastes?

  • I told Imma she is the best Libero in Italy

    Her performance today is amazing

    She save so many balls

  • It was very bad luck to KaZan

    The two most important players got food poisoning

  • I like Kazan now. Lost for lost they serve as strong as they can, no matter sometimes they miss the court or find the net. Fener should be this brave before.

  • Yes I also like vakifbank Libero but I don't remember her name

  • I can tell for sure Gamova is in Italy. Casalmaggiore official instagram account uploaded a picture of her stretching and smiling yesterday during the training.

  • The point is: why a lot of perfectly healthy athletes would take an anti-ischemic drug without having any benefit from it? Do they like how it tastes?

    I tried to read many artichles about it...in Russia seems they take it as a suplement, like vitamines...many athletes used it as part of their suplementation.

    but there is no scientifical proof that it helps increase preformance as WADA painted to be...it didnt make them better athletes for taking it.

    plus there is not even a study that shows how long it takes for this substance to leave the body, so how could WADA prohibid a substance like that, when they not even know how long it takes....I mean, ok you prohibited, but now, if a player took before it was ok, so you cant punish them, but you dont know how long it takes to be our of the organism, so how can you prove it was takes before or after it became prohibited.

    So for many jornalists and scientist that follow this subject closely, it was much more WADA wanting to show they are doing something, as they knew many russian took this medicine..then actually having proof that is something that is affecting positively in such a way in their bodies, that it should be considering cheating..

    I mean, look at the athletes today, how stressfull their lives are, how streesfull is to their bodies, we wanna take everything from them, but when the line is crossed? So I guess every decision should be taken with a much more care.

  • The drug with Meldonium was prohibited in US for the exactly reason they could not find proof that that substance would help with cardiac eficiency, so for that they could not be seld as such.

    And that is the reason WADA gives for prohibiding this substance.

    Lets be real, athletes will do anything legal to improve their performance, that is why they take vitamines, that is why they take cofee, that is why they go to hyperbaric chambers...all that is to improve performance.

    WADA is always questioning if caffeine should be prohibited, so if they decide to do so, means that every athlete that ever took coffee are cheaters? So Again, these all should be talk about with more care I think.

    It should had been studied more imo.

  • Good win. Lloyd messed up a bit forcing too much and making harder the job for her spikers. A very important final. Is this enough for VakifBank? No, it isn't. Another miracle is needed tomorrow.