2016 CEV DenizBank Champions League

  • Besides Conegliano's girls, team USA is not playing very well this season, especially talking about the main roster of last WCH.
    Lucky for them is that they have so many talented young players, which is quite different than what I see for example in Turkey, Russia or Brazil NTs.

  • Paul Sunderland is the worst, every single game he keeps telling us about the rules he wants to chance in volleyball, and he does not talk about the game play, he only talks about past facts and players personal life. For example during the Norceca World Qualifying broadcast he said during the 3 matches that the USA players all play overseas and they only see each others in the summer time, and it was nice that they had to play the OL qualyfing so they could see each other........ I guess he did not know that just in Italy for example Glass, Hodge, Adams and Robinson plays in the same team plus there`s other americans playing there and they do get to hang out sometimes when they have a break...and so on.

    The good thing that I speak portuguese also and in Brazil they are the best...during the games they narrate play by play. For example when someone gets block out, they say it was because the player had their hands too far or close to the net, if someone spikes out they show it was because they jumped to high or low or soon or to late, when there`s a bad pass they show where the player made the mistake....and so on.... Sunderland or anybody on Laola does that...

    He definitely needs some educations. I'm no longer blaming for those who cant pronounce Buijs, but leastwise they gotta know what volleyball is. Isn't he the same one that said Alisha and Kimberly are sisters? I'd be happy to have Paul Sunderland back on board.

  • She once again has proved that she's the icon of Italian volleyball. A bit of off topic but it kinda is related to Piccinini - When I was traveling in Italy (Turin to Sicily for two months), I asked to many people about volleyball, the answers I got from most of them were "Pallavolo? Non sabbiamo niente, ma noi italiani amiamo il calcio invece!" :thumbsup: The only volleyball players we could continue to talk about (they knew) were Piccinini and Alberto Cisolla, there were more men players that I don't remember about, to me that explains everything. Congrats to Francesca again :rose:

  • Yeah, it's all about football, when volleyball is most successful sport in Italy. And of course after every big win by a NT or a club everyone is there talking about it, jumping on the bandwagon. :whistle:

    The only famous women's volleyball players are Piccinini and Cacciatori. Men's volleyball is a bit more popular, thank to Generazione di Fenomeni and what they did. Cisolla, Giani, Zorzi, Lucchetta, Sartoretti and so on are famous even outside the volleyball world. Cacciatore also took part at "Isola dei famosi" which is the italian version of Celebrity Survivors.