Russia - Суперлига 2015/16

  • Well, she was the last on Krasnodar's side to touch the ball, but I wouldn't call it a "point" when the opponent lets a sky high overpass drop right on the line. But yeah, statistically it probably was a point for Kryuchkova...

    How would you count that? Is that an error for the serving team? or a point for the libero?

    Thanks. I got an answer before asking the question. 8o

    Krasnodar really has the best pair of middles this season. :obey:

  • But as the match went on, it was Uralochka whose reception gradually collapsed...they had the chance to take it to 5th set but weren't solid enough.

    Yes, Uralochka had chances to win in all sets but failed to do so mainly because they lack a reliable hitter that can kill difficult balls during crucial stages. Krasnodar´s block managed to handle most attacks from Uralochka when it counted the most, simply no one in Uralochka are able to spike over the block unless they are provided with very good balls and their attackers/receivers seems a bit neurotic with a tendency to tumble down under scoreboard-pressure and being more error-prone. I would never rely on Klimets or Ilchenko when the score is 24 all or something...they are young and needs more confidence.

  • What happened to Natalia Dianskaya? She was supposed to play for Omichka but I don't think she has been on court at all this season. Is she injured again?

    She left Omichka in October. It was said because of the injuries, but all the other expirienced players left Omsk a bit later because of money problems, so who knows.. But Dianskaya isn't playing now, so maybe she's really not 100% healthy.

  • I wish i would understand a bit of the russian language :) .

    She was talking about how she got into volleyball and remembers how her parents reacted to it. She's cool, she did well talking to those kids.

  • Scherban's reception can sometimes be problematic, so they really need to work on reception with their respective teams.

    Krasnodar pulled it off in the end.

    I didn't expect them to be playing so soon. Those who played at the Olympic Qualification process must be tired.

    Moscow still on top of the table.

  • 8th round :

    Zarechie Odintsovo vs Dinamo Krasnodar - 2:3 (16:25, 23:25, 25:16, 25:22, 9:15)

    Irina Voronkova (Zarechie) 31p 28/58 (48% attack)
    Tatiana Kosheleva (Dinamo K) 24p 18/39 (46% attack)

    Dinamo Moscow vs Proton- 3:0 (25:21, 25:19, 25:15)
    Dinamo Kazan vs Metar Chelyabinsk - 3:1 (25:17, 23:25, 25:14, 25:14)
    Enisey Krasnoyarsk vs Leningradka St. Petersburg - 3:1 (26:24, 18:25, 26:24, 25:22)
    Uralochka NTMK vs Omichka Omsk - 3:0 (25:14, 25:16, 25:17)

  • 9th round

    Voronezh vs Enisey Krasnoyarsk 3:1 (21:25, 25:22, 25:22, 25:18 )
    Proton vs Uralochka NTMK 1:3 (15:25, 25:16, 19:25, 23:25)
    Leningradka St. Petersburg vs Dinamo Kazan 0:3 (20:25, 24:26, 20:25)
    Omichka Omsk vs Zarechie Odintsovo 1:3 (14:25, 18:25, 25:16, 8:25)
    Metar Chelyabinsk vs Dinamo Moscow 0:3 (12:25, 19:25, 21:25)

    Regarding Moscow's game, Natasha Obmochaeva finally got a chance to rest, Bavykina played as OPP, Rodrigues and Scherban as OH, I'm pretty surprised how fast Bavykina recovered her injury.

  • There will be no changes. Final 4 will decide the medals.

  • Malykh is ill, Khodunova is recovering from injury.

    Good game now between Yenisey Krasnoyarsk and Dinamo Moscow. 1-1 sets. Yulia Bessonnaya have to play for better team next year. Also I think Pankova sets to Garay much better than Fabiola did last season and together with Natalia Garay is the best pair of OH for Brazil NT no doubt.